Super Saturday Sale!

Hi Friends,

I am back from the beach…now just longing for SPRING BREAK when I can return. So until then, maybe a little sale will make me feel better. :) My store over at TPT will be on sale until tonight! Head on over and pick up my newest units…especially since Dr. Seuss Week is just around the corner! :) Click HERE to  visit my store or on one of the units below to see a little more.

Slide1 Memorizing Subtraction Facts Memorizing Subtraction Facts

Happy Shopping Saturday!


  1. I am really excited Hope to check out your stuff today! I love buying your items because they are high quality and effective! I am having a giveaway for my birthday...come check it out! Thanks for sharing all your creativity!

  2. Can't wait for Spring Break either!!
    =) Jennifer

    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. Love your super cute blog!!! I just started blogging and am excited for spring break so I can have time to start playing around with graphics and making creations for my own TPT store!! I love all of your fun units!

    Lessons with Laughter