Monday Rewind

Getting a little better…last week it was a Tuesday Rewind, so I am one day ahead!  I am tellin’ ya what…between linky parties, sales, giveaways, and new units…you would swear that all of us bloggy people live on the internet {or do we?} Ha!

So last week was a little crazy as I was only in the classroom for part of the week. I left on Thursday for a little conference in Myrtle Beach. It was a great conference, but after being out of the classroom for a few days, I lost a little bit of my swagger. Today was difficult to say the least, but I think that I am back in action.

Last week was a crazy busy week. We were knee-deep in several activities. We began the week with President’s Day activities. Here are our writings where the students campaigned for class president.

Some of them were way too cute…


         Slide3           Slide4

Some of them were…well…odd? {Take a look at the Snooks in my earlier post!}


{Ummm…I guess the campaign trail was a little competitive? A black eye…REALLY?!?}

And some were a little…straight up SCARY!


I mean is anybody having a serious flashback of The Ring? Even down to the way that the arms are positioned, you would think that crazy girl is crawling right out of that dang hole! Should I ask for a re-do? This may cause nightmares people! Ha!

Even with the crazy people that I have hanging on my wall right now, it was still a super cute activity. {Note to self…next time…we need some serious art lessons.}

With great difficulty…I am moving on! :)

Last week, my second guided reading group began chocolate fever. We completed several activities from my new Chocolate Fever Unit.


Magic Medication…A lesson on narrative elements and predictions.

Slide2 Slide3

Chocolate Research!


Prefix and Suffix Study {I never quite got a finished picture of our prefixes and suffixes activity, but you get the idea!

Finally, our last big focus of the week was the….DICTIONARY! We completed several activities from my Fill Up My Passport: Dictionary Skills unit which I just posted to TPT. {See below}.

Slide1 Guide Word Fun and Dictionary Passports!


Fifty Nifty ABC Order! They LOVED this activity!


So, there you have it! Nothing too fancy or cute…but lots of learning going on! Although I enjoy traveling and conferences, I am glad to be back with my kiddos.

Here is a look at my dictionary bundle. If you are looking for a unit that will help your kiddos nail down the dictionary basics, you can pick it up at TPT for $3.50.


Coming Tomorrow…{Before the Sale…}

Leprechaun in a Jar

AND….don’t forget to enter in the Chocolate Lovers Giveaway and link up if you are having a Leap Day Sale.

Oh my…I think that is all for tonight, friends! This week, it is all things Seuss and Leap Day on Wednesday. 2 weeks until MAJOR testing and 5 weeks until Spring Break…and yes…I am counting! :)


  1. I absolutely love your president activity! Did you come up with it? I looked for it on your TPT store but didn't have any luck. I would love the details! =)

    Ms. Smith

  2. You seriously just made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Yes, yes...the movie, "The Ring" definitely came to mind. Oh my word! I LOOOOVE all of your classroom happenings. It is hard getting back into the groove after being gone. Thanks for sharing!

    A Year of Many Firsts

  3. Love the presidents!! And you are so funny! =)

    First Grade Blue SKies

  4. Hi Hope,
    I bought the Passport to Dictionary Skills yesterday and it was great. My kids loved it. I just want to say continue to make these lovely items and I will continue to support you.