Buttons and Bows 100th Day

We are getting very excited about our 100th Day coming up on Tuesday. My kiddos may even be counting down the hours! There are definitely some exciting celebrations out in blog land! I am loving all of your pictures and fun activities. Tomorrow, we will begin preparing for our special day. I have called in the troops {room moms} and our 100th day hats will be under construction during the morning hours.
This year, our 100th day collections will be on our heads! I made my hat today so that my students could see an example of what our finished projects will look like. They have all brought in their collections and we have everything from cotton balls to skittles. Now, I must say that our collections may not be as cool as my buddy next door. She had one student bring in “nuts and buts” {translation: nuts and bolts}. I am beyond jealous of her kids’ creativity! Ha!
Now…isn’t this just cute as a button! :)
Can we say “BE-DAZZLED”?
I have included all of the resources for this project in my 100th Day Craze. You can check it out at TPT.
So tell me…what are your favorite 100th day activities?!?
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  1. What a cute hat!! This year we made 100 year old portraits and the students wrote about what they think they will do when they are 100. They were too cute!! This is one of my favorite activities and I will be doing it again next year!!

    The First Grade Dream