Backpacking Through Genres and a Freebie

I am so excited about the genre study that I will begin this week with my second graders. They have got nonfiction and fiction nailed…so now I want to take them a little deeper. PLUS, they can’t wait to get into mysteries. So after this study, we will be looking further into that genre! But before I do that, I want to make sure that they are introduced to the many different genres that make up our world of reading! That’s where Backpacking Through Literary Genres comes into play.

This unit sort of piggybacks my Road Trip Through Nonfiction Features {check that unit out HERE} and follows a very similar format that encourages the use of authentic texts to learn about 12 different genres.


Each day during our study, I will be unpacking my backpack with a new book and a new genre. Throughout the study, the students will be creating a book of genres to use as they independently read. This book will extend this study long after the instruction is complete as students continue to classify books into a specific category. Below is a little peek, but I will be back throughout the week to show you how it is all going down in my classroom!  


This unit is packed with 118 pages of resources to help your students learn to categorize literature. I have tried to include every resource in black/white and full color to make everything printer friendly! :) It includes daily tickets and skill posters to introduce each genre, a “Fill up the Pack” display to place in your reading center to encourage reading across the genres, a student book and student reading logs, and directions for the teacher!

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If this unit can be of some use to your and your sweeties, you can stop by my TPT shop and pick it up!

And just in case you are studying genres, here is a little freebie. BUT…before I show you/explain, you have to hear about the awesomeness of Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade. Yes, yes, the fab creator of our monthly currently that I look oh so forward to every. single. month. I sent her an email to ask her if I could totally steal her amazing idea to encourage reading across the genres. Of course, as sweet as she is, she insisted that I post my version here for you. Can we all just agree that she is super presh?!? So, since she was sweet enough to allow me to share, if you download this little freebie, head on over to her blog and tell her just how WON.DER.FUL she is. here is how her brilliance works. You can copy these tickets onto color cardstock, hole punch, and attach to a ring for your kiddos. Once they read a book from each genre and the teacher signs off, they are rewarded for their accomplishment. You can check out her original post HERE and then you can click below to pick up my little version. THANKS, FARLEY!



And for all of you who will be celebrating your 100th Day this week, {we still have a few days to go} don’t forget to check out my 100th Day unit at TPT!


Alright…I am off to finish grades and lesson plans! I will be back tomorrow to give you a little rewind of last week! Here’s to hoping for a stress-free week filled with wonderful learning! {Fingers Crossed!} :)

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing this! You always have great ideas!

    Mary Beth
    Run Teacher, Run

  2. I like the backpacking theme - that's really clever. Last year, I did a forever-long genre study with my fourth graders and they loved it. I did, too. I'm sure you'll have a great time exploring!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  3. LOVE IT ALL!!!
    Love it!
    Love Farley and yes, she is precious!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. Love the tickets! What a great idea!! Thanks so much, Hope! I don't know how you do it!

  5. This genre unit looks so fun. It is going on my wishlist immediately. Now I just need to win a TpT gift certificate giveaway some where. Thanks for all you creative hard work.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings