Reindeer Tracks...and a FREEBIE!

It is all things reindeer in our classroom this week. We are researching reindeer, writing fictional stories about reindeer, creating reindeer and even working to earn reindeer tracks (a.k.a. fake money) to buy our reindeer trail mix on Friday. Basically the more money they have, the better their selection of ingredients. At this point in the year, it is all about the incentive people! Am I right or am I right?!? ESPECIALLY since our MAP testing begins on Monday. Cross your fingers!!!!

I can't actually believe that we accomplished so much today, but I told my kids before the break to come back with their workout gear on when they returned because we were going to be WORKING. IT. OUT. for three weeks! Boy were they ready! Maybe it was the excitement about research, maybe the incentive, maybe the five days off...don't know and don't care....they were just pure awesome today!  

We began by adding a few finishing touches to our multiplication unit before our big test. Today, the students created an array journal. Check. Them. Out!

If you have any need for an array journal you can pick up a copy by clicking on the picture below.

During our shared reading time, we began our study of reindeer. We completed the first two steps of our RAN strategy. We also watched some pretty cool videos on National Geographic Kids.

After we were all excited about reindeer, we read about some of our favorite reindeer in a cute little story called Santa's New Jet. The students then created a "Wanted" Ad for the North Pole Weekly! In the story, all of Santa's reindeer are completely out of shape. A little too much Thanksgiving perhaps! Ahhh....I feel their pain! Ha!
And of course we had to do a little craftivity! Especially since it was pouring...and I MEAN pouring outside! Best time for crafts.
I am so loving this time of year! Well...there is still a few more hours left in this Cyber Monday for all of you crazy shoppers! I hope that you all had a fabulous Monday!


  1. aw, you are the coolest teacher! I love how you've incorporated the holidays into such an academic format. I always enjoy seeing what you do with your students :)

  2. Too cute! My 2nds would heart this! How do you do the research?


  3. Wow!! Your students must be loving life with all the fun reindeer activities! Looks great-especially love the arrays!


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