It's My Birthday I'll Have a Sale If I Want To!!!!

Wow! Oh. My. Word!!! Has anyone else been crazy busy?!? My life has literally been going non-STOP and my poor, little, neglected blog is suffering!!! {Can someone just give me about 3 or 4 more hours in day?? Please and THANK YOU!!!} We just finished up our cross country season yesterday at the state championships. I know this has absolutely nothing to do with school, BUT I just have to share the great news! Our girls are STATE CHAMPIONS!!!! It was truly a great start to my birthday weekend! celebration of all of the greatness going on in my life right now, I decided to throw a little party at my TPT store. Everything will be on sale now through tomorrow at midnight! Stop by and pick up some goodies if you would like! 

I PROMISE that I will be back to "normal" {if there is such a thing} this week and will be posting lots of ideas and projects that we have been doing in the classroom.  Until then, I hope that everyone is having an amazing weekend!!!   

Happy Sunday Friends!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Hope!!! I hope it's a fun one! I definitely get the crazy-busyness!

  2. Oh, awesome. :D It's my birthday weekend too. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Keep those shenanigans coming :)