Just in Time for Cyber Monday!!!!!!

Hi, Hi, Hi Friends!

Wow...it feels like for-EVA ago that I was here! Basically, about 2,000 miles {in a car...Yes...I feel like an old lady with some SERIOUS back issues...did I hear a sigh?}, 4 hotels, 5 family dinners, and what feels like 10 pounds later, I am back and ready for action! Honestly y'all, I seriously thought that I would never make it BUT it was so great to see our family and celebrate the holidays together! Now...I have t-minus 12 hours to prepare for tomorrow, unpack, clean, sleep and post a few units! Ay...yi...YI!!!!

So, SO sad that I have not had the time or internet connection (HA!) to post all of our fun Thanksgiving activities. It was quite the week between turkey creations, tie-dye shirts, Indian craftivities and so much more! Next year I will have to be in the loop a little earlier!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed me by, I am in the mindset of Christmas 100% of the time. So, since holiday parties are just around the corner {My gym and I are about to become BFF's maybe even twice a day}, I thought I would throw a little party of my own over at my TPT store.

This sale is JUST IN TIME for two brand new units: 

This unit now includes an additional mini-unit to be used with Money Sticks.
For additional information on my math centers, you can look HERE!

This is a perfect unit if you are currently diving into a study of nonfiction.
For more information on this unit, you can check out a post HERE!

You can check out both of these units on my TPT store!

That's all for now friends! I will be back this week with all things reindeer! Can't wait! I hope that you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and are all ready for the crazy whirlwind before Christmas break! Happy Sunday!


  1. I've added your math pack to my wishlist for tomorrow's cyber Monday shop-fest! Your stuff is always awesome.
    2B Honey Bunch

  2. I'm awarding you with the Sunshine Award. Just came upon your blog and I'm loving it! Head over to my blog to grab the button and see the post!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. I just recently discovered your blog, and I love all of your fabulous ideas and creations! It was your post about word study that led me to a brand new, exciting world of spelling and high frequency words! Oh my gosh! Why had I never heard of this before? I had struggled with all the different spelling lists, challenging students who need it, and getting those sight words memorized, and this seems like the most perfect answer! I have read so much about this system after your post and just had to purchase your second grade guide. I just love it! Thank you for introducing me to this concept and for all of your hard work in creating the guide. It is so appreciated!

  4. I gave you the sunshine award!! Stop by Primary Punch and check it out!!

    Primary Punch

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