It's fall y'all! A little #throwback

No! No. It's not Thursday, but I wanted to do a little throwback post to some of my favorite fall activities. I am telling you...fall {mainly October} is my absolute favorite month in the classroom. I have a TON of brand new lessons in store for this month so stay tuned. Until then, here are a few things from the past. You can click on any of the links to read the original post for more details! 

The Dead Word Zone 
{MY FAVE!!!}

Just picture it: Your students arrive to school wearing all black. They are laying these "dead words" to rest one final time. After this, your students' writing will be filled with a variety of vivid vocabulary! I am telling you, the kids have an absolute blast with this activity. You can read more about it right {HERE}. All of the resources for this lesson is included in my Trick or Treat Halloween Writing Unit {HERE}
Pumpkin Book Reports

I think the pictures do all of the talking here! :) This is such a great project to engage your students and motivate them to read some really great books. I have done two different versions of pumpkins in my classroom: 1) Fiction - pumpkin BOOK reports 2) Nonfiction - pumpkin BIOGRAPHIES. They both were perfect opportunities to tie literature and nonfiction texts into the month of October. Here is a look. 

Pumpkin Book Reports: 
Original post {HERE}.
You can purchase the resources for this unit {HERE}.

Pumpkin Biographies:
Original Post {HERE}
Resources {HERE} 

The Wizard of Oz
October is the absolute perfect time for one of my favorite books, The Wizard of Oz! 

That's right...The Wizard of Oz! 

That October morning when they walked in, our classroom was decorated with witch everything... paired with a nice, bright...Yellow Brick Road! At the end of the road waiting patiently, was their new guided reading book for the next two weeks! I couldn't decide if I wanted to read the story whole group, or in guided reading groups. Then, I found the perfect version at Kohls! It was challenging for my low group, perfect for my middle, and a little easy for my high group. So, I simply modified the reading skills to make it perfect for all! AND...they couldn't have been more excited about our new book study! You can check out the original post {HERE}.

Halloween Riddle Review

When the sugar high sets in, keep them busy, busy, busy! I love this activity. Original post {HERE}

Halloween Homophones
Which or witch?!? Come on! Perfection. Original post {HERE}.

On Wednesday I will be back to share a fun lesson that I am doing with my 5th graders. I will give you one little hint. On Friday when they left school, I handed them this ticket. {Our kids are out on Monday and Tuesday}. As they left, I wished them luck on the adventure that they will encounter on Wednesday when they return! I. Can't. Wait! 

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