Classroom tour: Jump down the rabbit hole with Alice!

Oh my lanta, friends! I just finished my first week of school. It was only three days. And I am SLAP exhausted. Wait. There must be a better word. I think they call it 'teacher tired'. Y'all know exactly what I mean. This is a good 10 levels above exhausted. #soserious Thank goodness for a three day weekend to recover before things get serious next week. 

I recently shared my classroom updates at RCA on my Periscope account and finally had time to snap some pictures today. I am sad to admit that I forgot my legit camera, so we are going iPhone style. Doggone. But, you will get the idea! 
If you would like to see my room live, you can check out my Periscope video right here: 

This is the after: 

Here is the before: 

So why Alice in Wonderland? At RCA, we are all about creating engaging environments that inspire our students. Since I teach reading, I wanted my students to feel like they are jumping straight into a book. I want them to learn that reading can take you on the most amazing adventures. What better adventures to find than in Wonderland?! 

Now, just a little note. I do not have an unlimited budget to decorate my room. At RCA, we are all about making things happen. Hutch {an RCA dad} and I made way too many trips to count to Hobby Lobby {with 40% off coupons}, thrift stores, Goodwill, and IKEA to make this vision come to life. I also found so many things on online yard sales, and I went straight to Facebook to ask beg for donations from people. If you really believe in find a way to make it work. That is exactly what we did with this room. 

The entrance. I am a little obsessed with these hobbit doors that lead you through a giant stack of books. Everyone knows that things are larger than life when you are in Wonderland. 

Welcome to Wonderland! 

Love using my Mad Hatter's chair for read alouds. 

I was dreaming about having a grand library in my classroom. However, these were MEGA expensive to build. Instead, we went and bought book cases from IKEA, arranged them to look like a grand library, and attached them to the wall! 

Then I got my thrifting on and found all things old and vintage to fill them up. I found most of these items at Goodwill or old vintage shops. 

You can check out a tutorial for how I use my lock board {seen above} here: 

Right below my cabinets is my little reading nook. I know, I know. The Tweedles are a little creepy! And I sorta love it.

I so appreciate details. I have cabinets on both sides of my Promethean. On top, I have some of my resources, but I gave it a little Wonderland foresty feel by adding wooden platters underneath my things. 

I have my journal all set up for reading quotes. This is part of my Reading Bucket List unit coming out September 18th. 

This is a giant tree, but it is also a rock climbing wall. The students read in these little nooks during independent reading time. Don't you worry...we have a safety pad below. I have yet to have a student fall. Now me...I would break my neck. :) 

I needed a computer stand, so I got creative and used some extra things I had in my room. I had these giant cardboard books that I found on sale and needed a use for them. I used glue to secure them to a coffee table. Works like a charm! 

So there you have little version of Wonderland. If you have any questions about my room, feel free to leave them below. I will add a little Q&A section below this post. 

If you would like to come visit RCA and join the revolution during one of our Educator Training days, click HERE for more details! :) 

Now I am off to hibernate. Until Tuesday! :) Happy weekend, my friends. Do something fun, take some time for yourself, & relax. You certainly deserve it. I will be back later on this weekend to share all of the many things that went down in my classroom during our first week of school. 



  1. Your room is just so AMAZING!!! I still hope to make it there one day to see you in action!

  2. Wow!!! I have NEVER seen anything like this. Amazing. I want to be in your class! :)

    Melissa Glenn
    Real Life in First Grade

  3. A room full of awesomeness! I want to spend every day in that room. Great job!

  4. Amazing Hope! Someday I will see it in person!!

  5. That is one amazing room!

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