Set the Stage to Engage First Week Activities: Hollywood

The first week back to school is always one of my absolute favorite weeks of the year! I know it's a crazy amount of work, but it is also one of the most influential weeks that I will have with my students. It sets the tone for what is to come the remainder of the I always feel some kind of way about making it super engaging and rigorous! 

I shared a periscope on my blog not too long ago with some great ideas for back to school. You can check that video out below or read the post by clicking {HERE}

I have had several requests to give a Hollywood spin to my Set the Stage to Engage - First Week Activities. If you are looking for some fun ways to engage and challenge your learners on day one, you can check it all out below. 

I love sending postcards to students before the first day of school. There is just something about that piece of mail that gets them itching with excitement for the first day. And who doesn't love a photo booth on day one?!! It's a great way to capture those beginning memories together. 

A few treats fit for your celebrities are a must. 

Get to know one another with paparazzi profiles. The kids love wearing their cameras around just in case they have any celebrity sightings during the day! :) 

This pack also includes unconventional ways to introduce the rules. You can also check this out in my video above! 

Even on day one, it's time to get to the content. Both of these writing activities provide the perfect stage to being your writing block. 

....and more ideas ways to engage in content! 

Riddles are a great way to practice writing and making inferences. Can your students guess which classmate is hiding under the popcorn? 

You can grab all of these activities in my latest unit. Of if you are looking to transform your kiddos into superheroes, I've got you covered. Check out either unit below! 

Now, let's go BACK TO SCHOOL! ;) 


  1. Love the photo booth idea. Cute way to start the year!

  2. I love the headbandz activity and of course, the photo booth. I was thinking of doing my booth at open house so parents could get in on the fun.