Math Centers Made Easy: Organization {Post #2}

It's time to talk organization in math centers. If you missed my first post where I broke down how you use my math centers, you will definitely want to check that out right {HERE} first. It explains how I almost lost my teacher sanity with centers, and how I found a way to reach every level of learner in my classroom in one sweep. Or you can read more about them right {HERE} or {HERE}

Now let's move on to how I organize these in my room. If you are interested in finding out how you can prepare an entire month of centers in your classroom in about 30 don't want to miss this! 

 If you missed my periscope where I explained the can check that out right here: 

Clean Up & Set Up

To attach the file folders to my bookshelf, I used Velcro. This made taking them down super duper easy. I would pull those bad boys right off and they would be ready to go for another year. Then, I would stick the next month's theme right on the Velcro. This made setting up for centers each month a breeze! 

I would toss all of those folders, along with a master copy of each response sheet in a container like this for each month. If I laminated the cards to keep for use the following year, I would place those in here as well. Boom. Set up and clean up...done and DONE! 


At the beginning of each month, I would organize playing cards for each student. You could do that in several different ways: 

1) Allow students to cut out their own cards (at least 3 sets) and place them in a Ziploc baggie to keep in their cubbie or folder. The students would have these ready to go during centers. 
2) Place 3 or 4 sets of cards in snack containers and keep these in a accessible location in your classroom. I found these containers at the Dollar Tree. 

Student Response Sheets

The students were each given a pocket folder. There were two sides: Must Do & Can Do. Each week, the students would receive assignments from me that must be completed before the end of the week. Once they finished the required assignments, they could choose which activities they would like to work on. Student choice...check! Be sure and check out the video to see how and why these centers kept my students engaged and motivated. 

Inside the student's folder, they would receive an assignment sheet. You can either create individual assignments for each student depending on their strengths/weaknesses, or you can require each student in the class to complete a certain number each week. For example: Every student must complete one of each center. Or, every student must complete 5 activities of your choice. Decide what works best for your classroom and run with it! 

You don't have to set out every center. If you teach a primary grade, your list may continue to grow as the year progresses. 

Easy enough? Just in case you missed the first or last post, click the links below to check them out: 

If you would like to check out these centers in my TPT shop, click on any of the pictures below! These show each theme beginning with May! Or you can buy the bundled set and have them all in one place.  

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