A First Week Paper Bag Book

It's done! It's done! I am so excited to share this super interactive project perfect for the first week of school! 

During this writing activity, your students will begin their first week with a BANG! Whether they are interviewing their principal, learning about classroom rules, completing a scavenger hunt, or hosting a fun "would you rather" interview with classmates, these activities are sure to break the ice and get your year off to a perfect start! All you will need to do is print the resource for you students and just add crayons! I love simple and easy! 

Check it all out below! Plus it is on sale for my final Christmas in July SALE! You can check it out right HERE

This can be used for grades 1-5. Resources included to accommodate the needs of different levels. 

My favorite part of this back to school activity is the interactive classroom scavenger hunt! The students must search for the answer to clues. Once they find each destination  there will be certain activities that they students will have to record in their book. Your students will love exploring your classroom and locating their resources for the year! 

Here is a look at the hunt for the youngsters! 

Plus, this book includes so many more activities! 

You can snag this in my TPT shop…and ON SALE…right now! :) 



  1. This looks like an awesome resource to start the year with! Adding it to my wish list now!

  2. How fun! My students loved your paper bag memory book last year, I can't wait to add this to my collection!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. Thought you might want to know you accidently used their instead of there when describing the scavenger hunt portion. �� This looks like a great project!

    1. Thank you so much! It was definitely 4:00am while I was writing this post! Tired eyes would definitely be an understatement! :)

  4. I have just purchased this product and it looks amazing the only thing I noticed is the American spelling of favorite and color I teach in Canada and we use favourite and colour, is their any way that this can be changed on this product? There are other pages that don't work either because they are American based, this is a problem with purchasing American made items ( I love them but some things just don't work :(

  5. This is awesome Hope! I just bought it and downloaded it but I don't see directions on putting the bags together. I am sure it is simple but can you offer some direction on this. thanks.

  6. I am buying this right now! I have all of your paper bag books! thank you for creating such fun products! btw...how is that rock and mineral nit coming? I'm dying to buy it! haha!