12 Days of GIVEAWAYS and SALES!

I love Christmas…it might be my absolute favorite holiday…so why not celebrate it twice a year?!? I am so excited about joining my Blog Hoppin' girls for 12 days filled with fun Facebook Giveaways and SALES! 

Are you ready for 12 days of fun? Here's how it will work: 

Here is a look at some of my absolute favorite science resources or you can check them all out in my little shop right HERE

***All resources offered in full color or black and white!***

As a Matter of Fact is packed with over 130 pages of resources and 11 super engaging science experiments. I am telling you...the kids couldn't take their eyes of off these activities, and they never wanted science to end! 

Here is a look at our experiment craze! Be sure and check out the unit below!  

This was my first time trying this experiment out and let me tell you...it didn't disappoint! So easy and even I stood in amazement! 

We were in love with some Pop Rocks during this unit! Look at those little scientists hard at work! 

We did lots of experiments to help us observe matter as it changed states. 

We observed molecules...

...saw all three states of matter in one place...

And we even had time to incorporate lots writing practice into our science block! {Because we all know that's what scientists do...of course!} 

Remember these? Who is ready for a Safari? 

If you would like to check out my On Safari unit at TPT, click on the pictures below! This unit includes lots of great ideas for engaging lessons, projects, and experiments!  

You can check out some activities from last year's animal study {HERE} or {HERE} 

If you study weather, why not take your study to the land of Chewandswallow???

Here is a little recap of what you will find in this unit! 

What is a meteorologist?

Weather Tool Construction

Weather Tool Observation

Severe Weather Research

Severe Weather Group Projects

Cloud Creations!

Cloud Observations

If you are interested in this fun unit that gets your kids deep into weather observations and hands-on experiences, stop by TPT and pick up a copy! Here is a little look at what this unit includes:

And Finally…the "sweetest" resource…;)


Each year, I always love pulling out my Living the Ice Cream Dream unit. It includes science experiments, writing assignments, and much more to keep those little minds focused and working hard. These kids will do absolutely anything for a little ice cream! ;) 

You can see more of that unit right HEREHERE, or HERE

"Forget the spoon…I'm going in!" :) 

Alright y'all! That's my deals for today and tomorrow! They will all be on sale in my TPT shop and you can find them all right HERE

Be sure and stop by my Facebook page tonight for a fun little Christmas in July Giveaway! 


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