End of Year Paper Bag Memory Books

The end of the year?!? My goodness! This year has been a complete whirlwind for me, but yet the biggest blessing at the same time. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Ron Clark Academy, but I am BEYOND excited to make my way back into the classroom next year! Excited would actually be somewhat of an understatement at this point. I have missed it so much, and while many of you are on the countdown to the end of the year…I honestly can't wait for next year to begin. I am totally fine with you calling me crazy because that would describe me well. Seriously…leave the classroom for a little while and you will totally get what I am saying. I am so blessed that the Lord called me to be a teacher. Simply blessed! 

So…what and where will I be teaching next year?!? Stay tuned for further information. ;) 

Until then, I did want to share one of my absolute favorite end of year activities. These were way too easy, oh so cheap, kept the students engaged during those last few weeks of craziness (perfect), and most importantly…were a HUGE hit with my students. If you are looking for an easy memory book to help your kiddos remember what an amazing year you've had together, you will definitely want to check this out...

I love that they are cheap, easy, and cah-ute! :) Oh...oh...oh...by the way, these are made with the lunch size paper bags. NOT actual grocery bags! I have received lots of questions about where I found so many bags. I mean, I totally have connections at the local grocery stores...but even with that, I don't think they would give me 100+ bags! :) 

Here is how our memory books turned out last year…

And here is a little look at the entire project! 

A peek at the inside...

This unit is currently available in my TPT shop! You can find it by clicking {HERE}

Happy TGI{almost}F!


  1. These are so cute!! I can't wait to make these with my third graders in a couple weeks.

    Jenny Looney
    Bananas for Third

  2. Super cute :) My fourths will be doing something similar since they all can't afford the yearbook :(


  3. What a cute way for them to save their memories from the year!!! After all of the testing, this will be a welcome relief:)

  4. I bought these last year and my students LOVED them! If you are on the fence about purchasing....GET THEM! :)

  5. Super cute!! i'll definitely be getting these for my munchkins for the end of the year!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Emily @ Munchkins Inc.

  6. These are super cute!!


  7. We did those last year and my students loved them!! Using paper bags to make books is so much fun!!! Thanks for the fabulous product!! :)