End of Year Must-Haves…TPT Mega Sale Edition

Okay...by this point, you are well aware of the mega-sale going on at TPT. 

So, before you empty your shopping cart, here are some of my end-of-year units that you may want to check out and grab while they are 28% off! These are great activities to keep your kids engaged and help maintain your sanity during the last few weeks of school. You can click on any of the pictures to check the unit out at TPT.  

Tons of great activities…all perfect for end of year celebrations! Check them out {HERE}

These were a great review prior to testing. In fact, I put them to use again the final week of school. It was the perfect way to review lots of different skills. 

These Candy Awards & matching poems we a BIG hit with my kids and their parents last year. It was a special way to end the year and celebrate all of the unique personalities in our classroom!

Or you can go with classroom superlatives & writing activity...

Dig into Learning: Activities to send students off into the summer. This is the perfect way to keep those skills that you worked so hard to teach sharp during the summer months. 

 Best EOY unit ever…if I do say so myself. ;)  Y'all this unit saved my life that last week of school. #truth

Popsicle Science Experiments

Ice Cream Fun!  "How to Make Ice Cream" Writing!

Astronaut ice cream tasting...

…and…a little adverb stack...{can be used with any skill}

Student Writing Portfolios...An easy and fun way to celebrate learning, and it's never too late to pull these together! 

 So...are you ready for the end?!? It is near, my friends! :) 

If you would like to check out any of these units, they are available in my TPT shop and are all on sale!! 

Now I am off to explore some more of DC with these crazy kids! :) 

Happy Tuesday! 

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