Run, Run Rudolph: Fun Reindeer Games

I wanted to quickly share another holiday unit just in case you are looking for more holiday goodies to snatch up during the HUGE TPT SALE {Going on RIGHT NOW!} ;) 

Run, Run Rudolph is a collection of all things fun, engaging, and most importantly, reindeer! Take a look at a few of the projects included in this pack below...

Imogene's Antlers: 

Not only do I love, love, LOVE this story, but I also love how descriptive the language use is throughout the text. After reading the book, students write a "tell me" piece to describe their antlers. This piece is very boring, lacking descriptive language and vocabulary. THEN....they take that same piece of writing and turn it into a "show me" piece where they use all sorts of wonderful details to describe their antlers. This is a great way to show students what is expected in their writing and how they can take a boring piece and turn it into something fabulous. 

Reindeer Buffet:

We all know the excitement is near and so are those wondering minds! :) This little behavior management technique helps keep your students focused on their learning while they earn money to purchase reindeer chow. Each day, the students can earn coins for good behavior and work ethic. Then at the end of the week, they count up those coins and get ready for some grub. Each ingredient costs a different amount...and of course, the best ingredients are the most expensive {they've got to work for it!}. 

Wanted: Reindeer for Santa's Sleigh:
I have done this little writing assignment for years and it is always a hit! The students find out that Santa's reindeer are out of shape. They must create a wanted poster to find new reindeer for the sleigh! 

Run, Run Rudolph is a standards based  unit that encourages valuable learning experiences and brings in a whole lot of holiday cheer! As  many of us know, the holiday spirit in many of our students becomes a little…well…at times…crazy! (It is what it is…right?J) With this unit, you can bring out the best in that sweet spirit and keep students engaged and excited about learning. I hope that you and your students enjoy this little piece of Christmas spirit! And the best part??? It is on SALE, along with all of my other products in my shop. If you would like to check it out, you can swing by my TPT store. Or you can click {HERE} to see all of my holiday swag! 

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