It's That Time Again....Take Me Back Tuesday! {A Linky}

I never realized how quickly Tuesday rolls around each week until I started this little linky. These weeks are seriously flying by, and before we know it, Christmas will be here. I love the holidays. Plain and simple! 

So, for this Take Me Back Tuesday, I am going to share a little style! 

**********************************Originally Posted December 2012*********************************

Hey everyone! It is going to be super short tonight, but I just wanted to share my newest unit. So many of you have asked for another graphing unit similar to my It's Snowing Graphs, and just because I love you so much...I give you...Tis the Season for Graphing! You can check it out on TPT right now! I have also created a bundle with both units. So what are you waiting for??? it's time to get your graph on! 

Tis the Season for Graphing

This unit includes seven vocabulary posters and seven classroom graphing activities (two of which would be perfect to add to your holiday math centers) that will get your students in the holiday spirit. The five classroom graphing activities include writing paper to allow students to interpret their data through writing. Here is a look at what is included in the pack.

1. How do you eat a gingerbread man? A great connection to one of my favorite holiday stories! 

How do you eat a gingerbread man? For this grativity, I gave each student a gingerbread man and we all took one bite. Then, we recorded the results together on a tally chart. We have been working on number scales and bar graphs, so after the results were in, we graphed the results. The students decided the number scale {we counted by twos}.

To integrate a little writing in with this activity, the students used sequencing words {first, next, then, finally} to describe the way that they like to eat their gingerbread man. I don't have any pictures for this, but some of these writings were way too funny. This was a perfect topic for a little quick write.

2. Our Favorite Reindeer (Also included in my Run, Run Rudolph Unit): Your students will love this activity as they truly get to know all of Santa's famous reindeer. 

Our next graphing activity was not centered around gingerbread men, but the kids loved it just the same. I used the cutest little website to introduce my crew to those sleigh guiding reindeer {Click on the picture to check it out!} We all voted on our favorite reindeer and recorded our data on a tally chart. After the results were complete, we turned our data into a pictograph. While creating pictographs, we were really zoning in on the key. On our graph 1 reindeer = 2 votes. The students loved cutting the reindeer in half when we had to represent an odd number of votes.

3. How do you like Polar Express hot chocolate? Take an imaginary ride on the Polar Express and graph how your like hot chocolate best! 

4. What will Santa do now? (Literature Connection) During this graphing activity, the students will predict what Santa will do on his vacation time after the holidays. 

5. Our Favorite Holiday Song: Prior to this activity, the students will enjoy a little caroling in the classroom. Then, they will select their favorite holiday tune and graph the results. 

6. Decorate the Tree (Center Activity): The students will draw Christmas decorations out of a bag and graph the results. Then, they will design their very own tree. 

7. Will this Christmas be white? (Center Activity): The students will drop a double sided tree. They will graph their results to predict if we will have a white Christmas this year! 

It's Snowing Graphs: 

~7 Vocabulary Posters

~6 Graphing Activities to practice pictographs, bar graphs, tally charts, and line plots.

Graphing Activities: 

-Favorite Winter Activities
-How do you like your hot chocolate? 
-Snowman Shake-up
-It's a Wild Snowman World
-A Button Nose?
-Snowman Punch or Hot Cocoa?

You can check these out by clicking the links below: 

Winter Graphing Bundle {Both Units}

And here is a few pictures of the unit in action!
 Slide3 Slide2
Graphing our favorite winter drink. My students agreed that snowman punch is where it’s at! We had a blast with these winter graphing activities!
P.S. If you bought this unit over at TPT and are planning on doing this little activity, I couldn’t find any eggnog. Shoot! {And yes…it was going to be alcohol free…naughty teachers!} Ha!  So…move on to plan B…milk and french vanilla snowman marshmallows. Worked like a charm! :)

Have a great week, y'all!


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