All I Want for Christmas...A Holiday Linky!

A moment of truth...I hate receiving gifts. I *really* do.'s not because I am not super grateful for people going out of their way to purchase something especially for me. To be honest, I am not exactly sure why, but I have never liked that feeling when all eyes are on you and they are watching you open gifts. So when the holidays roll around, I am always the absolute worst at giving my mother/husband/family ideas for what I would like for Christmas. This year, I consulted several bloggy buds for help, and they had THE best ideas. I figured if I am struggling creating a list, others must be too. AND...since the holidays are literally only a few weeks away, I thought it would be fun to link up with our holiday wish lists. Then, you too will have the help of your bloggy buds if you need some last minute ideas for yourself or others! Below is my list! Enjoy and link up with all of your fabulous gift ideas for the 2013 holiday season! 

Just about anything from my new favorite online boutique! 

This super cute vest from J.Crew that has been blowing up instagram for WEEKS! 

I love a good Michael Kors or Kate Spade Watch

I love these accent pillows for the holidays. I know it will be too late to use them for this season, but I'm thinking ahead! ;) 

Obsessed with this Jewelry {Thanks to Cara Carroll}. 
Kate Spade Perfume...Oh yes! 

And shoes...of course! 

The hubs is extremely difficult to shop for because he never wants ANYTHING. So, I am digging deep...

Since my hubs now has to wear a full suit everyday, he is all about his shoes. Love both of these...

He loves his coffee. As in...don't talk to him before his first cup. I think this will be perfect for his classroom. Blue since he loves his Blue Devils! 

And...he {well we} is one of these I better get on finding tickets for a Duke game! 

The teacher in me loves...


Perfect speaker for the classroom! 

What teacher wouldn't want a Cameo. In love. That's all! could just buy your favorite teacher a visit to the Ron Clark Academy so that they could come visit meeeee...and be part of an amazing training, of course! :) It really is the perfect gift! #justsayin far as men and kids are concerned. Go for the electronics! ;) Ha! Seriously, I am at a loss on those two groups. But...I do know what ladies will love! 

My husband bought me these for my birthday. They are amazing! Period. 



Loving just about anything in this shop! #scarfobsession

Of if you wanted something a littler more personal, love these monogrammed scarves...

This necklace has also been blowing up instagram! 

Granny Jammies or Not ;)...these are SUPER DUPER comfy and would make a great gift. They come in lots of great colors, too! 

For All My Ladies

For the hubs...

J. Crew Ties


Leather Iphone Case

Anything sports related. This year it will probably be tickets to the Chick-fil-A Bowl! 


  1. Yes - you should definitely go to the CFA bowl since Duke is bowl-bound! NCSU Wolfpack fan here, but since our team is done for the season, we are pulling for Duke!

  2. I love the jammies. Thanks for the even matches my blog! Enjoy the season and happy shopping.

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  4. I'd like to know about that classroom speaker please.

  5. I have the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow set from last year and I STILL wear it everyday! It's seriously the best! I love the idea of this linky - on my way to read everyone else's wishlists! :)
    Teaching With Style

  6. such a fun linky party! i had so much fun participating and i hope to do it again soon!