Take Me Back Tuesday: A Weekly Linky

I started my little blogging adventure (A.K.A. Second Grade Shenanigans) over two years ago. TWO YEARS! It's crazy how time flies! They say that with age comes wisdom, so I felt that it was only necessary to bring back some of those ideas that have been simmering for the past year or two. I always love to look back over my teaching and reflect on the many things that I have learned along the way and how it has shaped me into the teacher that I am today. I am so thankful that I started this little teaching "photo album" so that I can constantly revisit it for ideas and strengthen my instruction. This might also have a little something to do with the fact that I am terrible at keeping up with my lesson plans from year to year. Absolutely terrible!

So, I have decided that I would start a little "Take Me Back Tuesday" where I will be featuring an "oldie but goldie" lesson idea. You know...a little something from the past. 

So I bring you...

Since the Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner, I feel it is only fair for me to revisit a little turkey lovin'.

Originally Posted: 11.27.12

It is going to be short and sweet for me tonight! I *may* have stayed up super late last night to finish up a grad school paper {procrastinate much???} and I am feeling it right...about...now! But I had to share these sweet little guys before November becomes a thing of the past! December...already? 

I know that Thanksgiving has already passed us by, but I just had to share our cute turkeys that we made to go along with our fall writings. We finished these up before the break, but since I had to leave early for Indiana, my student teacher had to complete the project with the kiddos! 

How cute are these little fellas??

We will be having our feast on Friday! Well, it is not really a Thanksgiving feast, more like a South Carolina History feast...but it is all the same! I just couldn't miss out on the fun, so I had to postpone! It is still November...right?!? I am super excited about this feast. We have been trucking along in our South Carolina History unit, so for our feast, we will be making settlers and Native American pizzas based on the foods that each group contributed to our state! My kids are counting down the days! 

Before the break, we also finished up a few projects about early SC and have already started moving our way through the Revolutionary War! If you are a SC teacher...can I get a PTL?!? Here are a few of the activities that we completed during our Settlers/Native American Unit.

 We made these ships to help us understand how the first English settlement began. During this lesson, students were also selected as Lord Proprietors and were able to make the decisions in our room for an entire day. We discussed the trip to Barbados and how slavery made it's way to our state. 

On the inside, we added our notes about the French Huguenots, European Jews, Germans, and Scotch-Irish. 

We also spent time learning about the different Native American tribes living in South Carolina long before the settlers. The students worked on maps to identify their location and the types of homes in which they lived. 

I have really enjoyed learning all of this information right along with my kiddos. Seriously, I have to study...all the time! {I am no history buff...it was never really my thing!}

Well, that is all I have for tonight! I hope you are all having a great week! Should we begin a countdown to Christmas?!? :) 


Now, if you have any oldies but goldies to share, feel free to link up and let the party begin!