A Bewitching Night...Halloween Bash 2013

Is Halloween really Thursday? Really? There is just something about this year. I can't seem to keep up...it is going by SO fast. Since this spooky holiday is just around the corner, I threw a giant Halloween Bash on Saturday night for my RCA Cheerleaders. So, I thought that I would share some of my party ideas just in case you will be throwing a spooktacular celebration on Thursday and/or if you want to make some cool treats for your kiddos at school. Believe me when I say...these recipes were easy. Like on a scale of 1 to 10...a 0. I am by no means a baker of any sorts, so if I can whip this stuff up...anyone can. 

I definitely had to make our house a little spooky to fit the theme! Spiders and skulls did the trick! Most of my decorations came from Home Goods and Michaels. 

Now for the food...

Loved both of these drink ideas that I found online. They were equal parts scary, tasty, and EASY! 

Vampire Juice {Shirley Temple} 
Lemon lime soda and Grenadine Syrup {I added gummy worm ice cubes for a fun effect!} 

Sewage Water: 
Mix ginger ale and rainbow sherbet if you are going for that dirty water look. I also added monster ice, but forgot to take pictures. So here is the look...

I just used these ice molds, filled them with green water, and added a cherry. Easy and they will keep your drink cold for hours!!! I love how realistic they look without changing the flavor of the drink. They were perfect in the sewage water! 

I have never tried my hand at making cake pops, but y'all...so incredibly easy. I could literally do this with my eyes shut. I used this sweet gem right {HERE} and it will make 12 cake pops in about 3 minutes. Then I dipped them in white chocolate and added the decorations. These will probably make an appearance at every party I host from here on! 

This was a favorite of the night. I used this recipe right {HERE} and it was delish!

We paired our eating with a little LOT of Just Dance 2014, so I didn't feel so bad about stuffing myself with junk. 

Hope y'all are having a great week. I will go ahead and begin praying for all of my teacher friends for your crazy {but fun} Thursday/Friday! 

Happy Halloween! 


  1. Love all the ideas! But eyeball ice is so creepy looking!!

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  4. Thanks for sharing some mighty fun and easy Halloween ideas. Almost makes me want to throw a party myself!

  5. I love the eyeball cake pops.....what did you use for the decorations??

  6. Great ideas and they are all set up really cute!!! Thanks for sharing!


  7. A.) Can we be friends so I can come to your Halloween parties? and B.) Those eyeballs look disgustingly awesome.

    Teaching in the Tongass