The Hamburger Paragraph & A Little 5 for Friday

Happy, HAPPY Friday! I am celebrating my Friday by actually linking up {and on time...might I add} with sweet Kristen for her Five for Friday post. Success?!? I think so! 

First, I am going to begin by explaining my little twist on the Hamburger Paragraph. 

Last Friday was very exciting for me. I returned to my stomping grounds at PES {my "last year" school} and was able to teach some very sweet firsties. I taught first grade several years ago and was quickly reminded why I loved it so much. I love their hunger for learning. 

Speaking of hunger...

During my time with these sweet loves, I was able to spend about an hour with the advanced writers. These guys have the writing part down...already. So, I worked with them on some organization...hamburger style! Let's just say, I had them eating right out of my hands. 

First, we began with a little conversation about hamburgers. I explained that during this lesson, we would be thinking of our writing as a big juicy hamburger. I told them that I was going to create the world's best hamburger and Here. It. Is...

After a minute of "ewwws" and "disgusting", we identified this as the bun burger. We talked about what was missing and how no burger was complete without the juicy ingredients that should be sandwiched between the two buns. I connected this to writing and we discussed how writings would be "disgusting" (boring) if we neglected to add all of the juicy details that make our writings...well, tasteful! 

Then, I built the real deal. 

We discussed each ingredient and how it added to the taste of the hamburger. We began to relate this to writing and the kiddos immediately made the connection. Just like a hamburger needs lots of tasty ingredients...our writing needs the exact same thing. No bun burgers here! 

After building our burger, I told the students that I was going to display the burger on the board to help us during our writing process. BUT...on the way to the board...look what happened! 

I dropped the burger. What a mess! :) And we all know a messy burger is *almost* as bad as a bun burger. Another writing connection: writings can't be messy! They must be organized! Once our burger was back in business and organized nicely on the board, we began the writing process. We talked about each part of the burger and how each part can help us remember a very important part of an organized piece of writing. As we discussed each part, I modeled an example on the board. 

Top Bun: Opening Sentence (Yes, these first graders created several ideas. Amazing, right?!?)

Middle Ingredients: Details

Bottom Bun: Closing Sentence

Once we had the parts established, the kiddos were oh so ready to write. BUT...the best part of the writing...*just* to make sure that they understood each part of the hamburger, I gave each student one of these...

Talk about some excited first graders. As they wrote each part of their hamburger paragraph, they could eat the matching part of the Krabby Patty. So for example, when they wrote their opening sentence, they could eat the top bun. When they wrote one supporting detail, they could eat the meat...and so on. 

Here are some action shots. The students wrote about why this year would be "One in a Mellon" (part of my Back to School Writing Bundle)

They turned out some pretty incredible writings. 

Unfortunately, I had to leave before the finished product, but my sweet friend sent me some pictures of her group's finished pieces. 

Loving how these cuties turned out. You can get this cute little activity {HERE}


So that was a pretty long #1 for my Five for Friday post. If you are still with me (first of all, bless you) here is what I have been up to over the past few weeks. 

#2: Since moving to Atlanta, I have had the opportunity to do some volunteering at The Ron Clark Academy. I have done a little decorating and have attending several events. Can I just say...I love RCA. Amazing environment and energy combined with an incredible just can't be beat. So blessed to be able to learn from so many brilliant educators. 

My latest creation...
A giant dragon for their first day of school...which was an amazing celebration. 2,500 balloons, an incredible DJ, and new year's decor...need I say more?!? You can check out their new 5th graders performing an opening number on the RCA Facebook Page {HERE}.  

#3. Eeeeekkkk...on Sunday, I was featured in the TPT newsletter. If you are interested in reading my take on cute vs. valuable, you can check out the TPT Blog {HERE}


#4. Moving to Atlanta does have it's benefits...being closer to two (now three) of my favorite people! :) I had such a great evening shopping and dining with Kim and Megan from KinderGals. I also got to meet sweet Matthew which was an added plus! 

#5. I have been trying to get my healthy on this week. WHY must it be so difficult?! I mean, I have a marathon in January. I would say it is past time to get my act together. So, I have been doing two things (in addition to running) this past week. 

1) Smoothie Alert! 
This is the BEST smoothie recipe I have had in a while! It is a must try if you like chocolate and bananas. 


- 1 Frozen Banana (I chop and place into a Ziploc bag and freeze the night before. Usually, I make 5/6 bags at a time so I have them ready to go). 

- 1/4 cup of Oats

- 1 cup of chocolate almond milk. 

Blend...and there you have it! 

One word...obsessed! 


Meet my friend, Billy Blanks. Umm...I. Can't. Move! That is all! :) 

So, do I win the award for longest 5 for Friday post?!? If you made it all the way through, thanks for reading about all of the craziness going on in my life right now. Hope y'all have an amazing weekend. I am heading home for a good ol' football game and wedding. 

What are your plans for the weekend? 


  1. I love the hamburger! But not the Blue Devils!! haha! I need to eat better. It IS hard!

  2. Made it through with ease. I think your hamburger visual link is fabulous.
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  3. I love this! Please come teach that lesson to my kiddos!!! I way pay you, hahahahah!

  4. Your hamburger paragraph is adorable and I love the Crabby Patty idea. Congrats on being featured in the TPT newsletter...that's amazing! The chocolate shake looks delish. Hope you have a fab weekend!
    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  5. I'm going to take this up one more notch and have the kids actually make sandwiches. Besides your burgers are entirely to neat. Good work! 5 bow ties.

  6. Ok, yes your hamburger writing lesson is fabulous just like all of your other lessons but my comment is about RCA. OMG!! So jealous of you! I was blessed with an opportunity to visit there for a RCA conference a few years ago. That school, the students, the teachers... PHENOMENAL!!! Ron Clark is absolutely amazing. I would love to live in the area just so I could volunteer to work with those students and teachers! I guess I'll just live vicariously through your RCA posts! LOL Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hope,
    Love your hamburger writing. It's a great visual for my 4th graders! I love that you are getting involved in RCA. My principal is sending me and several other teachers to visit in October and I am SO excited! AAAAH! :)


  8. Love the hamburger visual. Will have to make one up and show it to my kids. You've got great ideas! I bet you are an amazing teacher!

  9. This writing paper is not in your Back to School Bundle - I own that! Can you tell me how to get it?