Last Week Peek {Photo Dump}

Last week was a super duper busy week coming back from Thanksgiving break. I would say we snapped back into the swing of things pretty quickly, and so I thought I would share a few of our favorite activities from the week. 

Since I had to leave for break a little earlier than expected, I had to postpone a few of our Native American activities until after the break. On Friday, we created pizzas to represent two groups of people that we have spent tons of time discussing over the past few weeks in South Carolina History {European Settlers, Native American Tribes}. This activity really helped the students understand how different our state was many, many years ago, and what each culture/group contributed to our great state. 

The kids were completely shocked to find out that we could not add tomato sauce to either pizza, because tomatoes actually came from South America. They did not make their way to SC until later on. So, for our Native American Pizza, we used cornbread for the crust. Our toppings consisted of beans and corn. It was actually pretty tasty!  

Even though they truly enjoyed the Native American Pizza, I would have to say that many of them voted that they are so very thankful that the settlers brought dairy products {cheese} and pork {pepperonis} right along with them on their journey. 

Along with our pizzas, we served pumpkin pie and tea. Sweet tea! However, since we have been discussing the Boston Tea Party, of course the students had to pay a tax using their classroom EconoMoney! I was shocked that not one student turned down the tea! Can you tell we live in the south?!? 

Moving right along with SC history, the students read and learned about the Boston Tea Party. They were SO into this piece of history. They created invitations to invite all of their friends to this great event! 

I was super impressed with their detailed drawings. 

Although the students love, love, LOVE SC History, not every second of our day can be spent learning about our state. So, let's move on! 

In science, we have been all into our motion and sound unit. There is some pretty tricky vocabulary in this unit, so the more hands-on...the better. As we began learning about motion, direction, and speed, the students created simple machines that would allow them to change the direction and speed of a water bottle. The trick...they couldn't touch the bottle with their hands. Here is what they came up with...

I would definitely say that their favorite part was testing out their machines. I loved watching each group try to construct something different than other groups in the class. I had some pretty creative {to say the least} machines! 

We also discussed gravity which was the perfect time to tour the school and test a common little theory. We took many different types of balls to several areas in our school, and tossed the balls as high as we could. We just wanted to make sure that they indeed came back down to the ground! :) 

It amazes me that something so simple can really nail down a concept with these youngsters. It truly doesn't take much! Love that about kids! 

Finally, in reading, we revisited identifying main idea. We are working on narrowing our ideas down to truly represent all of the details in a passage. I found this idea from Megan over at I Teach. What's Your Super Power? and modified it just a bit to work with my lesson. This was just too great not to share! Thanks, Megan! 

I gave the kiddos a brown paper bag and sheets of colorful paper. First, they had to choose a main topic and hold it in their brain. Then, they had to think of supporting details that would identify their main idea. They wrote the supporting details on their colorful sheets of paper. Then, we switched bags with a partner to see if they could identify the main idea in our brains! They LOVED it! 

Such a great week! Now we are on to all things Christmas! 
 Here is to an exciting three weeks left! :) Pray for me and I will pray for you! :)

Have a happy Wednesday, friends! 


  1. LOVE the pizzas Hope! What a great twist to the typical feast. What lucky students! Thanks for sharing.
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. GREAT idea on the pizza AND the main idea activity! Thanks for sharing - it's easy to see why you have a gobzillion followers, girl!
    Growing Firsties

  3. Great way to teach main idea! I'm sure the kids had fun with that!

  4. Love the reading cards for main idea, I use something similar called, Comp. Cards, & I love love them, too! Just posted pics with the kids using them. Again, can I be in your class?

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  5. Have you ever posted about your daily/ weekly schedule? I'm wondering how you fit it all in! So many fun ideas to make the learning stick.

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

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  7. I see your South Carolina Studies Weekly paper in one of the pictures. We're using this product for our Social Studies too (Ohio Studies Weekly) and the Science Studies Weekly too. We love them!! Are you using Science too?

    1. Very nice paper art and paper game. We really appreciate your professional approach.

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