Reader's Workshop & a BLOWOUT Sale!

I just have to take a second and say...PTL!!!!! I *finally* finished my Reader's Workshop Unit! This is something that I have been working on all month and am very excited to have all of my resources in one place. Reader's Workshop is definitely my favorite part of the day! I would never, ever teach reading any other way! I have found it to be so successful with each and every student in my classroom and now, there is no looking back! 

This 230 page unit includes everything you need to completely implement Reader's Workshop and independent reading in the classroom. 

It includes 10 minilessons that establish expectations for authentic reading practices during independent reading time, as well as resources to create Reader's Workshop Notebooks.

And of course, what is Reader's Workshop without a classroom library? This unit includes everything you need to establish a classroom library that provides choice...within reason {and reading levels}. 

Anytime is the perfect time to implement Reader's Workshop! I promise, you will never look back! So, go grab this unit at TPT!

Now...for the sale part! 

Did you know that TPT is throwing a gigantic Cyber Monday {and Tuesday} sale?! Check out some of my items below and snatch them while they're hot! Click on the picture below to check out my shop

Thanks to Ashley Hughes for the super cute button!

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Click {HERE} to check out the other resources in my shop! Happy Shopping! 


  1. Wow! Your new unit looks incredible! I can't wait to purchase it, but payday seems long away ;) Do you mind sharing your daily schedule? I have changed mine a couple times this year and still struggle to fit this in, so I was curious as to how your day goes.


  2. Hi Hope...Love Love Love your blog!!! You are sooo creative! Thank you for posting your ideas. Penguins are my fav!! Would love to teach about them, but we are forced to teach through our Reading Street program so I can't really do themes. Your Reading Workshop kit looks incredible too!!!

    I was wondering if I could ask you a question. I put up a kit on TPT about the desert but I wanted to add a craft in the kit. I made big cactuses with my class but I was having a hard time figuring out how to add the tracer pieces into my kit. Can I ask how you make your tracers in your kit? What program do you use to make the shapes? Any help you could offer me would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks a bunch!!


  3. Wow your new unit looks great! I can't wait to check it out tomorrow! Hope you have a great week!