Easi-Speak Giveaway!

The start of a new year is just around the corner, and I am so excited about all of my new gadgets that are going to make life in the classroom so much easier and make my time so much more productive!! My newest addition is the Easi-Speak Recorder from Learning Resources

I am beyond thrilled to use this for running records and assessment in the classroom. I am so guilty of stopping my readers to catch up on their mistakes. This tool will be the perfect fix for that problem!

The Easi-Speak is very user friendly and perfect for youngsters as well as older students. It will provide you with flawless audio files of your readers. You can listen to these files directly on the Easi-Speak, or you can use the USB cord and hook up to your computer! The possibilities for the Easi-Speak are endless and I can’t wait to get it into the hands of my sweet kiddos this year!

Now, for the best part! You can win your very own Easi-Speak Recorder! There are several ways to enter, so read carefully!

1. Follow my blog and tell me how you plan to use your new BFF in your classroom next year!

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3. Follow Learning Resource’s blog and tell them that Second Grade Shenanigans sent you over!

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5. Blog about this post and leave a link in my comments section!

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Easy..right? The winner will be selected Friday, August 3rd!

Alright! Getting back to work in this room of mine!


  1. I plan on using it in guided reading. What a great tool for when they are practicing fluency as well.
    The Hive

  2. I would use it during daily five.

  3. I would use this for sight word fluency, Author's chair, and readers theatre.

  4. I would use this to monitor progress with reading fluency! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. I would use this for fluency activities, running records and story re-tells. There are so many ways to use this!

  6. My school uses Fountas & Pinnell for leveling our students... this would be amazing to use with running records! I think kids are really motivated by hearing themselves read and become better readers!
    First Grade Padawans

  7. Ohh great idea for Running Records..especially for my mutters who I usually have to take out of the room just so I can hear them!

  8. This would be great for a new school year!!

  9. Oh my heck, I have another chance! I hope I hope I hope, yet I also will be happy for the winner if it's not me.
    I will use this for recording repeated reading passages, interviews that students conduct, reader's theater, and so forth.
    Where Seconds Count

  10. Hope I am excited about this giveaway! You will be announcing the winner the day after my birthday! I am going to keep my fingers crossed! I follow your blog and TpT store!
    I will use this recorder for running records and repeated readings maybe even reader's theater plays. BTW- I am hosting my very first linky party and would love for you to check it out! Thanks!
    Shannon Moyer

  11. I have always thought this is the perfect tool for read to someone. THey can tape themselves while they read and then hear them back. I also want to use it to tape their thoughts and then transpose the speeches to a qr code.

    Inside this Book

  12. Working with several second language learners, I feel that this tool would be perfect for these students to record their reading. I could also use it to record a difficult concept and have the struggling students listen to it for extra help.


  13. I am using The Daily Five this year, this would be great for the Read to Someone component.

  14. I would use it during reading rotations...allow the kids to record themselves read and then share with someone else!

  15. This would be great for practicing fluency:-)
    Students could also share their reading with their third grade book buddy!

  16. I would use this too motor reading fluency. Brandolpeters1@cox.net

  17. I would use this to help encourage my special needs kindergarteners to communicate.

  18. I would love to have this in my room to help progress monitor reading fluency. I use the DIBELS assessment and end up progress monitoring my low readers every two weeks. This would be amazing! I would also like to have a beginning of the year sample to show my kids all of the progress that they have made. Such an awesome tool!

  19. I LOVE this little device and so do kids! It's a great motivator! I would use it in a myriad of ways: in a fluency station, for kids to use when they're reading to someone else or participating in Reader's Theatre or Author's Chair. It would really help me to assess fluency as well. Great product! I jump at every chance I get to win one. I think this is like my 25th try. Hope springs eternal!


  20. I asked my husband to get me one for my birthday!! Such a great tool that can be used in so many ways....guided reading, literature circles, esol students, fluency block, etc. :)


  21. I would use this for reluctant writers. It coulde also be used to monitor peer conferencing.

  22. Wow, this looks AWESOME! I just HAVE to have one! I would absolutely use this in my fluency center.. they would love talking into the microphone and have the opportunity to hear it back and self-assess their expression and flow.


  23. I would so love to win one of these. I could use it to help encourage kids to practice reading for fluency and maybe not hear, "I have to read it again?" My kiddos would love to have their best readings included in our Listening Center.

    Donna W.

  24. I follow your blog regularly for ideas, and to see what you're up to. I've purchased many of your TPT units, and I do follow you on there as well. I would love to win this cute piece of technology for my classroom! I will have many low students next year who will need my extra support! This tool would help me tremendously!

  25. I would use it during my guided reading group with all of my inclusion kiddos! They would think it was super cool! It would help them with speech, pronunciation, and fluency.

  26. I kept reading this title as 'Speak-Easy'! But that's probably not the right topic for this blog! ;) Sounds like a great resource for those struggling readers. And what a cutie in that picture, too! Good luck with your giveaway!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  27. OMG Thank you for the great ideas!! http://mrsn-hoppyteacher.blogspot.com/ - Thanks for sharing

  28. Hi Hope,
    I'm your latest follower! Your ideas are so good and adorable! I'm a newbie blogger so I'm loving sharing ideas. Come on over and visit me sometime,
    Corinna :)
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  29. Great blog site! I would love an easi-speak:)

  30. I have never seen one of those! I am going to have EIP students this year and think this would be a great tool to use with them!

  31. I'm now subscribed to your blog, and I'm so excited! I would love to use this during Daily 5! During Read to Self, I could hear their fluency. During Read to Someone, I would hear their partner reading and questioning. And best of all, I could have data to share with parents and administration! I'm sold!

  32. I now follow your TpT store too. . . for entry #2!