All My Firstie Friends…It’s a Firstie Friday!!!

Just in case you are new, a little background about me! I began my teaching career in first grade (for four years), looped with my sweet littles to second, and am now looping again to third grade. We are big time now! ;) I began my blog when I started teaching second grade, and I still have all of these first grade ideas flooding my brain! (I loved me some first grade!) So, I have decided to put these ideas out there for all of you…and for me…for when I go back to first grade…one day! Once a month, I will be having a Firstie Friday and will be posting about a favorite first grade activity! Most of these activities will be easily adapted to help all of my second grade friends out in blogland too!

My first activity that I am going to share is probably one of my favorites activities of all time!!! I used this in second grade as well, and now I am desperately needing to adapt it for my thirdsters!

Meet Suzie Adjective (Isn’t she adorable???)


Here is her story:

It was time to learn about adjectives and I had to think of a way to make it stick and motivate the students to actually use these words in their writing…cue Suzie Adjective!

My mom volunteers one day a week in my classroom and I really wanted to play on her since the kiddos adored her so much! One day, during a conversation, I brought up Mrs. Wheeler and told the kiddos that she had a huge secret! They were shocked to find out that Mrs. Wheeler had a twin sister (to clarify…she doesn’t even have a sister!):) I elaborated about her sister Suzie and told the kids that Mrs. Wheeler LOVED her sister, but was extremely embarrassed of the way that Suzie dresses. I told them that even though Mrs. Wheeler loves crazy style, her sister was beyond anything they could imagine! They. Were. HOOKED! (Hook…Line…&Sinker)!

Immediately, they were BEGGING for her to come and visit our room! The on your hands and knees kind of begging! I told them that I would try my best, but there would be a few conditions! 1 - they could not breathe a word of this to Mrs. Wheeler (otherwise…they would have been curious about where she was at). 2 – the only way that Suzie would come would be if they would promise to give her unlimited descriptions about the way that she dresses (because we all know, Suzie loves words that describe her “unique” style).

So, Suzie made her appearance in the room and the kids were mesmerized! She did a little runway show and totally played the part! The kids quickly realized how much Suzie thrives on adjectives and couldn’t get them out of their mouth fast enough! From that day on, when the kiddos had writings that lacked descriptive words, I would quickly say…”Would Suzie like that writing?” Immediately, they would go and add adjectives to describe all of their ideas! It totally stuck, and I loved seeing the improvements in their writing! Thanks, Aunt Suzie! How fun is that?!?


I have created an adjective unit that will help you bring Suzie into your classroom. This unit includes resources for several lessons that will get your kiddos super excited about the use of adjectives in writing! During this unit, get ready to roll out the red carpet, because the students will also have the opportunity to participate in a little runway show in the classroom! During the show, they will be using numbers to rate their classmates’ attire! However, they will not be rating just the outfit. Instead, their number will represent the amount of adjectives that they can think of to describe the outfit! {Thanks, Melissa for helping me work this out!} I know, I know…what about the boys?!? Who said they couldn’t wear camo…or dress in a suit??? They love it!

Slide1  Slide2

I loved the way that the runway paddles turned out! Each student will have their very own paddle during the show!

Also included in this unit, you will find resources for an adjective wall that is divided into adjective categories with color coded word cards, a Mr./Miss Adjective craftivity and writing (see below), a friendly letter writing, and much more! In fact, there is even a special activity where students give their parents a little homework!

Slide25   Slide26

To all of my first and second grade peeps…this unit is on TPT just for you! Check it out HERE or click on the preview below!


And for all of my 3rd/4th grade friends…no worries…I’ve got us covered! Coming soon…

Marvelous Writers

(P.S. I know that Batman is not a “Marvel” character…but I am going with him anyways, because he is too cute!}

TGIF! I have a busy weekend ahead? Does anyone have super fun plans that will make me totally jealous?!?


  1. What a wonderful mom you have!!!! This looks like a fabulous unit!!!

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing! A first year teacher can never have too many ideas!

    Teaching Joys

  3. Hope, I am loving this! Being a first grade teacher myself, I can never have enough great ideas, especially from someone brilliant as yourself. I am so excited to tune in on Fridays (of course I tune in for every post of yours)...but I'm super stoked about these posts! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. I teach third grade and find that in the beginning of the year, many students still need to review adjectives and other parts of speech. This would be great to start the year. Plus, it will help get the ideas flowing for using strong descriptive words in their writing. Very cute idea!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  5. Your adjective ideas are so fun - your mom looks like a kick. My mom volunteers in my room once a week too and I don't think that I would have to do too much persuading to get her to jump on board with this (she is crazier than I am). Thanks for sharing this!! Oh, and I have a wonderful Saturday planned . . . yard work and cleaning the garage . . . oh, goodie.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  6. Oh My HECK! This is now sitting in my shopping cart!
    Vaca ... we are headed to Sandusky in a few weeks. We will be there for a week at my in-laws. We will be visiting Cedar Point Amusement Park, Soak City, Put-in-Bay, taking a safari ride and possibly head down to Kings Island.
    We were lucky this year because we've already been to Disney (over spring break) and North Carolina.
    Where Seconds Count

  7. I enjoy following your blog. I've been teaching 3rd for 6 years and I am moving to 2nd this year. I'm excited and nervous because 3rd was my "thing" and I love love love 3rd. I needed a change though and I'm ready for the challenge!

    This is such a cute idea. Your mom is too cute!

  8. This will be my first year teaching first (I just moved down from third) so I'm very excited for Firstie Fridays and the chance to hear some of your great ideas! I'm a new follower! :)

    Thanks for sharing!