Sunday Rewind…{Animals and Poetry}

This week, we began our final science unit on animals.  I CAN NOT believe I just said final. Where did this year go?!? Wow!
When I heard that I was moving on to 2nd with my kiddos, I was super excited for many reasons, but mainly because I would finally get to teach animals. The students have been eagerly anticipating this unit as much as I have, and we are already having a blast!
This past week, we began with a little study of the six classes of animals. We did learn about these in first grade through a book study, {I had to get animals in somehow} so the kiddos were already ahead of the game. To review animal classifications, we created animal windsocks.  Each strip on their windsock identifies a different class and it’s description.
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We also began discussing vertebrates vs. invertebrates. The students illustrated an animal that would fit under each category. Then, we used Q-Tips to create the backbone in our vertebrate animal.         
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This week, we will continue learning about all things animals! To bring a little excitement into this unit {as if it needs any} I just couldn’t help but make these adorable jeeps for the classroom. Found them on Pinterest {of course}.  The original idea came from Buzzing About in Second Grade! Be sure to check out this super cute blog!

If you would like to incorporate some of these ideas into your room, stop by my TPT shop and check out my On Safari Unit

Last week, the students also finished their poetry unit, created their iphones {with their poetry apps} and presented! How cute are these phones? My student teacher did a fab job with this unit and the students were ALL…and I do mean ALL about iPoetry!
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Click {HERE} to take a closer look at my iPoetry unit. 

Then our Friday ended with our 3rd nine weeks academic pep rally. Here is how my celebration went…
I guess that is what I get for being super competitive during our card sells this year! Ha! My little man was super nice. That may or may not have had a little something to do with the fact that I threatened to take his recess for the entire year if he was anything but nice! :)
Our faculty also prepared a flash mob to prove to our kids that we are in fact…still…super cool! Our students assured me that I’ve got moves! That means a lot coming from a 2nd grader! :) This was probably one of the highlights of our year! So fun and such great exercise! I was a huge puddle of sweat at the end! I think I need to do this dance a couple of times a day to prepare for the summer! :)
My student teacher and I dressed like 80’s twins because our kids always say that we dress just alike. Remember…we only had 30 seconds to change…flash mobs do not provide you with the time needed for elaborate costumes…AND…I was just pied…notice the stickiness on my face!
So glad that the hubs teaches at my school so we can share “special” {emphasis on the special} moments like this! Ha! Ha! :)
On that note…I am out! I will be announcing my Spring Fling winner tomorrow evening! Also, for all of you who have asked…I promise to get my poetry and measurement unit out ASAP {hopefully within the week}.  I try not to bore you with personal information, but I have had some med. issues here lately and so my computer time has been super limited! No worries…I am on the mend, but it has been super irritating!  I never want to share anything with you that is just thrown together, so as soon as they are completely finished, I will be sure to post them on TPT.
I hope that you all have a wonderful week of learning with your kiddos! Not many left, so let’s make them our BEST!!!!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Sweet friend, hope you feel better soon. Prayers are coming right at you! {Hugs!} Also, LOVE your little invertebrate/vertebrate animals with the Q-Tips. :)

  2. Hope you are doing better soon and this post was such a fun read!

  3. I love the picture Hope!! I gave you a shout out on my blog!! I am glad you are feeling better and everything is ok.

  4. I love those iPhones with the Poetry Apps!!! Is that something you created or did you find it on Pinterest?? I am beginning poetry this week and would love to use it!

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  5. How fantastic is working with your hubs! Too cool! I suppose when you need to vent... he really understands your pain. Mine is a police officer. He never understands. LOL!

    Primary Graffiti

  6. Hope, I absolutely love your blog - such awesome ideas!
    Tangled with Teaching

  7. I love your blog you have the cutest ideas! I am a newbie and have my first freebie up! Come check it out :o)

  8. Your ideas are fantastic. Love . . . love . . . love the jeeps. We do a huge Africa unit for Open House and I have to add this to our creation list! Thanks for sharing.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  9. Will you post your flash mob dance so we can check it out??!!! I'd love to see those teachers get their grove on!:)

  10. Love the q-tip activity!
    Can you tell me more about iPoetry? My kiddos have started writing poems for their own poetry anthology.


  11. Oh my gosh!! Love those jeeps! :0) And the Ipoetry...what a great idea! :0)

  12. The q-tips are such a great idea. And everything else on this post - those jeeps - wow!

  13. Hope I love your Poetry this a unit you will be posting or can you share about the apps that went into the Iphone? You always have something amazing to post! Thanks for all your hard work and for always sharing.