Teacher Talk in Hotlanta {Atlanta}

I have been so extremely jealous reading everyone’s posts about blogger meet-ups! I swear…it is so lonely here in South Carolina! So when I got an email from Cheryl Saoud {Primary Graffiti} about a meet-up in Georgia, you can imagine my excitement! I couldn’t wait to meet some of these ladies that have been my blogging heroes for a good minute! :)

We met up on Saturday and let me just say, it was like a group of school girls chatting it up for hours! I swear we could have stayed there all weekend gabbing on and on….and on!

April 2012 010

We traveled to the Cheesecake Factory in style! I mean what else did you expect?!? Ha!

April 2012 011 

Can you imagine the conversations that we had?!? Definite teacher talk at its finest!

blog 1 lunch

Here is a little group shot! These ladies are seriously just as sweet in person as they are on their amazing blogs! You must check them out! You’ll love them as much as I do!


The group:

Cheryl of Primary Graffiti

Dana from 3rd Grade Gridiron

Ashley from The Polka Dot Patch

Jenaya from Lesson Plan Diva

Deanna from Mrs. Jump’s Class

Erica from Erica Bohrer’s First Grade

Anna Brantley from Crazy for First Grade


Such a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait for another meet-up!

Ahhh….it’s almost FRIDAY! Can you sense my excitement? TGIF!!!!


  1. I had a great time, too! So glad you came and yes, I am glad it is almost Friday!!!

  2. How exciting to see a teacher blogger from SC!!! I've always felt like y'all were everywhere else except for here! Have a great weekend!

  3. Looks like you girls had a lot of fun! I know that you looped with your students from first to second. Next year will you stay in second then or go back to first and loop with those students again?

    Delighted in Second