Genre Scavenger Hunt

Hi Friends,

It is short and sweet for me tonight! This has been my first weekend home in FOREVER, and so I made it my number one goal to stay off of the computer and have some serious rest and family time! It was truly wonderful! I promise that I will share all of our activities from last week tomorrow, but here is one quick activity that helped us prepare for testing…THIS WEEK! EEEKKKK!!!

We recently finished up our little backpacking journey while learning about all types of genres using my Backpacking Through Genres unit. The kids had a great time learning how to classify literature.

Slide1 {Sidenote: as our study progressed, I made several notes of things that I want to add to my Backpacking unit…so these will be coming soon!}

Since testing is coming up, last week was all about review. I wanted a fun…yet fast way to review these genres with the kiddos. However…I knew that a PowerPoint was not going to do the trick! Aside from them falling fast asleep and totally losing focus, I seriously did not want to stand up in front of them and lecture about genres for 45 minutes. So, since my kiddos had such a fabulous time on Valentine’s Day searching for the Sweetheart Snatcher, I created a fun scavenger hunt that would help them review 16 genres in a hurry. {Aren’t we always in some kind of hurry?} Ha! 


This scavenger hunt sent them all around the school, but yet held each student accountable for their review. I quickly found some genres that we needed to touch up on before this week! :) If you would like to check out this super fun hunt, click on the picture below!


Have a fantastic Monday, friends! AND…for those of you on spring break…totally jealous of you! ;)


  1. So clever! They must have loved this Hope!

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