Chocolate Lovin’

FINALLY….winners announced!

I promise that I have a very good reason for the delay! My husband {who also teaches…5th grade….at my school} and I took some of our kids to the Ron Clark Academy Model United Nations {MUN} Conference this weekend in Atlanta. It definitely ranks in my top 10 favorite teacher moments. Our kids did exceptionally well and completely knocked my socks off. It was the very first MUN that our kids have ever participated in, but it didn’t show a bit! We had two of our kiddos win best positional paper and one student took home best delegate! We were shocked amazed straight up going crazy!!! So proud of our MUN team! And…if you know anything about the Ron Clark Academy, you know they did it UP big time! All of our kids left RCA slide certified and more excited than ever before! They made us promise that this would be an annual event! :)

Ok…now that I am done braggin’ on the kiddos {you know we have to do it}…here are the chocolate loving winners! Thanks to all who participated. Amy and I were so excited to meet some new blogging buddies! If you are a winner, please email me at and I will send your chocolate lovin’ units right on over! :)



Congrats to Melissa and Amanda!

I’ll be back later with our Seuss-filled week of fun!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Congrats on the awesome job at the RCA MUN! I am trying to start a MUN with my 5th graders next year here in Charlotte, NC. Can you share any information you have about starting a team?