Sunday Rewind

This truly is a happy SUNDAY! Why?!? My alarm clock will not be buzzing at 5 a.m.! I don’t know if that is good news for me or for my alarm clock or both! I may or may not occasionally threaten to throw it out the window! Oh…you know you do it too! Ha!

So, I am going to post on this happy Sunday, but it is going to be super fast before I head to the gym and off to church tonight to learn how to be “All In” and have a true servants heart!

Here is a little rewind of last week…

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We finished up our little graphing unit by graphing our favorite winter drink. My students agreed that snowman punch is where it’s at! We had a blast with these winter graphing activities!


P.S. If you bought this unit over at TPT and are planning on doing this little activity, I couldn’t find any eggnog. Shoot! {And yes…it was going to be alcohol free…naughty teachers!} Ha!  So…move on to plan B…milk and french vanilla snowman marshmallows. Worked like a charm! :)


Slide1  This whole. ENTIRE. week has been a huge rainstorm {why it couldn’t be a snowstorm…I dunno} and so on Wednesday, we actually did a graphing activity from our math book. {See…the math book can be OK…every once in a while.} Our math textbooks = dislike…majorly!

We got up out of our seats and started moving so the rain wouldn’t put us to sleep…including me! We experimented with bouncy balls. When I said bouncy balls…they were ALL ears! I don’t know what it is…but kids LOVE bouncy balls! :) We charted how many times the ball would bounce in 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds….all the way up to a min. Then, we created a line graph to show our data.


It was a total hit and we even got to toss in a little bit of the scientific method! Double check!


We were also super busy with our author study that I posted about yesterday. I am amazed out how much their vocabulary has improved when referring to characters. That is also in part to Amanda’s wonderful Character Traits Unit! Thanks, Amanda!


This was also an exciting week for one of my Guided Reading groups. We finished up Stuart Little and they were super excited. During our meetings and their independent work, the kiddos created this adorable little lapbook that I totally CAN NOT take credit for! I have never even tried a lapbook with my kiddos…much less heard of one before that gosh darn Pinterest {ahhh…don’t you love ‘er?} Anyways, you MUST MUST MUST go to this site. They have a lapbook for E. VER. Y. THING! AND it is totally FREE! Check it out HERE!


Then on Friday, it was CrAzY Windy and even CrAzIeR cold! {I hope that made sense.} There was absolutely NO way that this teacher was going outside! Call me a party pooper if you wish, but after our morning fire drill where my kids came back with icicles hanging off their noses…I knew there must be a plan B. Well, my little personality {slightly type A} does not mesh so well with indoor recess. So, THANK THE LAWD that I read Cara’s First Grade Parade the night before and saw these darling snowmen. So, friends….meet plan B. We listened to Snowmen at Night and worked on our little craft. I think that my kiddos were super into it because they were even able to finish their writing during this time {and we so don’t have a 45 minute recess block}.

Precious. Period.



And as promised…here is a picture of our finished snow globe projects.


Ok..that may not have been as short as I thought it would be, BUT the hubs hasn’t given me “the stare” yet…so I am good to go! :)

Happy Sunday, Friends! {FOR REAL!} :0)


  1. Can I just come and be in your class??? lol I love all of your ideas!

  2. What a fun week! I bet your kiddos just love being in your class!
    I know I would!
    Stories From Second

  3. I love your week in review! And I have to comment on your 2nd graders' writing - Amazing! I know each year is different, but this year my kiddos are stru-ggl-ing {3 syllables} with writing. I've pulled out all my tricks, but they are just not fantastic writers... :( BUT, your kiddos' writing looks great!

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

  4. I love the lapbook idea in guided reading! I would love to know more about how you set up the activity with them and how long it took. I really think I want to try creating one of these with my students.

    I always love looking at your blog.... thank you for always sharing!


  5. Hey I wanted to let you know I've nominated your adorable blog for the Versatile Blogger award :) Check out to see your shout out!!

  6. Love those snowmen on black paper! Great idea!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  7. I LOVE the snow globes!!! Precious!