The Rock Buffet: New Unit!

So…ummm…you remember my Rock Buffet post?!? From a YEAR ago?!? Well, I actually finished up piecing that very unit together, and believe it or not, it is up on TPT! Y'all have been asking for this for the past year, and I so appreciate your patience. I tried to make it worth the wait. There might…just might…be a unit song that I've shared below. {Cue the cold sweats because I HATE singing for anyone but my students. Why? Because they don't care that I sound like I just rolled out of bed every time I bust out a tune! ;) So promise you won't judge me!} 

Check out how I teach rocks and minerals below...

We began this unit by discussing how rocks are created. To demonstrate, we made rock krispie treats. We mixed several "minerals", added heat...and we had rock! 

During our observation, the students recorded how the rock was formed. 

Once we had this basic concept mastered, along with the three observable properties of minerals, we moved on to the three types of rocks. 

My BFF {YouTube} found me this fabulous video which demonstrates how to create the three types of rocks with food. 

Yes...his apron says kiss the geologist! :) The kids loved him. After each of his demonstrations, we tried making the rocks too. 

The students recorded observations, and created definitions to describe the process that each rock goes through. 

Once the students could consistently define and describe each type of rock, we feasted...on rocks, of course! 

Best way ever to teach rocks and minerals…and now it's all ready for you! 

This little bundle includes 8 engaging lessons, plus all of the resources that you will need to get your students all into our earth materials! 

This unit is also complete with a content song that reviews and reinforces all of the major concepts they will learn. Y'all…I even recorded it! Y'all know I can't sing {we've discussed this before}, so just know that this song was recorded in the name of love! I swear it is WAY cuter when the kids sing it! But to keep you from saying that you can't catch the tune….here ya go! 

Plus, I've also included a PowerPoint that introduces all content vocab! 

You can snag this unit in my TPT shop right now!  


  1. Omg! Your video is AWESOME. Thank you for sharing. This is totally going on my wishlist. What a fun and interactive way for students to learn about rocks. :)
    Ramona Recommends

  2. This looks like an awesome unit and your song is the cutest!! I only wish that we could bring in food for our students at our school! Any chance of a 2014 morning song this year?

  3. I love, love, love this! I am no longer teaching (home with my baby) but I taught fifth for 7 years and the kids always loved the Rocks & Minerals unit. It's too bad we weren't allowed to ever have food because this is perfect!

  4. You're very talented! Such a cute song :)

  5. What an amazing pack - its on my wishlist for my next shopping round :). Love all the elements you have included - and as for that song I found myself bopping along it is so cool :)
    The Almost Their Height Teacher

  6. Hope, I love ALL of this!!!! I love the activities, the song, the variety...EVERYTHING!!! This will be coming to My Purchases soon! Thanks for such an amazing, interactive set!!! :)

    Nicole :)
    All Things Apple in 2nd

  7. LOVE the rock buffet! You are so creative! I really want to do this with my students! This brings fun into learning!
    Rambling About Reading