Beach Bums, PASS Paradise, & a SALE!!!!

Hey, hey friends! Just wanted to stop by for a second to share my newest Beach Bum centers and tell about the fun day that we had in PASS Paradise. 

Tomorrow begins our week {ahhhhh!!!!} of state testing. The kids are ready, and I am calm...surprisingly! Last week, I worked them into the ground with worksheets and test prep. I kept promising them if they would hang with me, I would give them a "fun" review day on Monday {which was today!} And a fun day it was. Here is how it all went down. 

Welcome to PASS Paradise

When I visited the Ron Clark Academy, Kim Bearden shared the idea of a beach. I couldn't resist! :) 

On Sunday, I went into the classroom, took the tables out to our science lab, threw down some blue tarps and drop cloths to create my paradise island. Then, I added some beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, beach balls, and sand pails. Looks like it took forever and literally took about 30 minutes...and so worth every single second of it. The kids were beyond excited this morning. One of my precious boys kept rubbing his eyes saying "Am I dreaming?!" Ha! Yes, third graders love the magic too! 

Then, to get ready for our ELA test tomorrow, we listened to a little beach music and the students completed 8 center rotations from my Beach Bums centers. I do not use centers very often in third...but they are PERFECT for review...AND...end of year! Here are some skills that we practiced...

Sand Dig: Literary Devices

Shell Sort: Prefixes and Suffixes

Sunglasses Split: Cause & Effect

Fill the Bill: Synonyms and Antonyms

Build a Beach: Fact & Opinion

Genre Hop: Identifying Works of Fiction and Nonfiction
{These centers also include a QR code option. The kids scan the passage and get this...the reading passage pops up on the iPad or smartphone! Seriously!!!! Then, once they complete the activity, they scan the QR code under answer to check! I see many, many QR codes in my future!} So excited about this! 

And here are my beach bums in action! 

These centers are perfect for an ELA day/review or for an end-of-the-year activity to help keep your kiddos engaged during the last couple of weeks. I am telling would have thought I planned a party! The kids just kept thanking me and thanking me all. Day. Long!

If you would like to check out Beach Bums, it is in my TPT shop right now! Check it out by clicking {HERE}

What a great day! The perfect review! Now...bring it on...PASS! :) 

Oh...and how could I forget?! TPT is throwing the sale of the year! All of my resources will be 20% off + 10% off from TPT! Thank you for all that you do! Teachers ROCK! 

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  1. That looks like a blast!! Can't wait to check out those centers! Thanks for your hard work!!

  2. What a fantastic day of review! Thank you for saying it only took you 30 minutes to make the room transformation. Because, I'm beginning to think that you can't possibly sleep. Well done, Hope! What a great day! Good luck tomorrow...and all week.
    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Get out of HERE! Hope, you are incredible, girlfriend!!!!!!!

  4. Blow my mind every time, Ms. King . . . love this new set of ideas! Good luck my friend.

  5. It looks like your kids had an amazing day! They'll never forget that! :) Good luck with testing!!!

    Soaring Through Second

  6. WOW!! That is amazing!! I wish I had time for this!!

  7. You are AMAZING!! I bet your sweeties had a blast!! Good luck with all of your testing!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  8. INCREDIBLE! I wish I had more words for this comment, but this is beyond words!

  9. AWESOME! AMAZING! Love the sunglasses match up!

    Simple In Second

  10. Hope, this is all amazing....just like you! I know your kiddos had a blast being Beach Bums. I want to be one too! =)

    Heather's Heart

  11. Oooohhhhh I want to be in your class!

  12. Well, I've just decided I hate you! OK, maybe just wanna be you! haha! In the cart-checking out!
    As always, great stuff my friend!

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  14. Great idea! I bet they had such a fun time reviewing! Wish I would have seen this before our state's MCA tests! Thanks for sharing.


    Miss Woodward's Class