The Day the Hearts Took Over Our Writing!

If you are still piecing together your Valentine’s Day activities for tomorrow, you have got to include this writing activity. I have always admired the writings that include the conversational hearts, but out of fear of it being completely over my kiddos head, I have never actually tried to incorporate this writing into my February writing plans. UNTIL….today. Y’all this was seriously the best writing of the year. I never thought they would take this idea and run with it the way that they did.

To begin, I read this cute little book that reinforces the concepts of friendly letters and writing notes.  However, this activity could easily be tied into any good Valentine book.

51YY14KN4KL__SL500_AA300_ After we read about the prank rivalry between Greta and Harris, the students assumed the role of one of the characters, used their conversation hearts, and went to town writing the opposite character a friendly letter to tell them just what they thought about all of the “Valensliming” going on. I thought that by taking on the role of a character, these lovey-dovey sayings wouldn’t be so “gross” anymore! It totally did they trick.

Here are a few examples.




Please excuse “Sansirly”. I do live in the south! Ha! This was a quick write and I do not correct everything during this writing time {even though I totally want to!} :)


This child’s writing is hysterical. Here it is just in case you can’t make out all of the hearts. It is too good to miss! :) In this letter, she is writing to Harris…the little boy in the story.

Never “text me” because  you will just turn it into a prank. I used to “luv u” but it stopped last year when you put ice in my skirt and ripped my sweater. You even pretend you want to “be mine”. I am above awesome in the pranking business so go ahead and give it up Harris. By the way “gotcha” about when I said stuff like “crazy 4 u”, “my boy”, “got luv”, and “mi amore”. You really aren’t all that you think you are!

“My hero” “xoxo” Not!

Gretta, the prankster queen.


Needless to say, this activity will find its way into the rotation every year!

Today we also spent some time celebrating Abraham Lincoln and preparing our Valentine’s buckets {or hats!}

After reading Abe Lincoln’s Hat, the students worked in teams to piece together a timeline of events throughout Abe Lincoln’s life.



If you would like the pieces of our timeline click:



and Here


Then, during the students computer time, they came in to paint their Abe Lincoln hats. Tomorrow they will add their hearts that contain facts about this famous American!



We are all geared up and ready for Valentine’s Day! Tomorrow will be a day filled with fraction pizzas and “how to” writings, a few Minute to Win It games {if we can sneak them in at the end}, Cara’s Love, Splat craftivity, and Abby’s Sweetheart Snatcher where we will use inferences to solve a mystery! So fun! 

Happy Valentine’s Day {almost}!

P.S. My February unit P.S. Friends Forever will be on sale for $5.00 until tomorrow!


How are you celebrating tomorrow?


  1. I'm planning on doing timelines next week. It was great seeing some of your kids' work. Adorable!

    ❤Jodi from...
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  2. I love the "Heart Attack" writing! I had kinda passed on it too, but seeing yours I think we will have to do it tomorrow :) Love how they turned out! Have a great Valentine's Day tomorrow!

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  3. That conversation heart writing is ADORABLE!!!! :) I love it!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. Thank you for sharing your timeline! We will be working on them this week, and it'll be great to have them do this one with a group first :)

  5. Looks like your kids had a lot of fun today!

  6. This is adorable! I love the use of the candy hearts with creativity!

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  7. Love it all! How did you guys make the hats? Super cute!

  8. Thank you so much for these great activities. I am planning on doing the Heart writing as well tomorrow, but I too am worried about what the outcome will be. I have high hopes! :) Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  9. I remember writing with conversation hearts as a fourth grader... like, when I was personally in fourth grade. I still remember how much I loved it!!! Maybe I will try this next year, I love your idea! :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  10. I love your idea of using the hearts to write their own letters! What fun that must be for the kiddos!! :)

    Creating & Teaching

  11. I cannot find the book, Be My Valenslime anywhere. Any suggestions?

  12. Is there anyway you could email me the timeline items? I cannot get them to open on the blog.

  13. The cheapest copy of the book I could find was over $90. Is there another option?