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Hi Friends! I have been trying to work through all of my emails in my spare time. {Ha! For Real? I think spare time is only in a fantasy world!} ;) I want you to know that I truly value each and every one of you and all your comments and questions. HOWEVER...y'all I am being totally serious when I say that my inbox is a HOT MESS! I truly want to reply, so if you have emailed me in...oh...say...the last two months {yikes!} please, please, PUH-LEASE email me again and I will definitely respond. As for me, I am deleting all of my emails in my inbox so that it is not so frightening! {Just a little FYI about voicemail inbox is almost as bad...I am TERRIBLE at returning phone calls and obviously emails! Maybe a new years resolution????} Don't hate me! :) Ha!

On a happy note, I have been working on several new units. On a not so happy note, the reason I have had all of this time is that my poor mom has had three surgeries over the break and I am on call 24/7. What can I say...she is a crazy lady and wanted to get it all over at once so it would be over in a hurry! I can't blame her! So, I have put all of my hospital time to good use. 

I am just about finished with my Winter Wonderland January Math Centers. I wanted to get these posted ASAP so you would have time to get them all together before we return {whoever said teachers get a totally NUTS!}. These centers are super cute and I have added a few new centers for some of you upper elementary peeps!

This little unit will also be included in my GIVEAWAY, so click on the picture below for YOUR CHANCE TO WIN IT BIG!!!!!! 

And for all of the requests...COMING SOON!!!!

Happy Holidays Bloggy Friends!

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  1. Awesome! I can't wait to start the basic subtraction facts! I am in level three of your addition unit and my students love it! Can't wait!