15 May 2013

The Future Me & Summer Planning

Can I just say that I am loving the fact that state testing is over, and we are back in action in my classroom. It makes for a much happier day! :) We are having so much fun working our way through my End of Year Writing Bundle! We have been dreaming of summer, working on our time capsules, and planning our future. 

Just look at my future graduates! How precious are they?!? I can not even begin to tell you how proud I am of these kids! 

I know they are still babies in our eyes, but they are never too young to begin seeing and experiencing the value of education! During this writing, we looked at several local universities, discussed possible career paths, and talked about the most important thing...when they can get their driver's license. ;) They are all about getting scholarships so that they do not have to pay the big bucks to go to school. Their parents will thank me later! :) This activity led to so many wonderful conversations and definitely has my kids dreaming BIG! Of course, they all want to be millionaires! :) 

I am so proud of the writers that they have become over the past year...and the best part...they love it! Melt my teacher heart! 

They are still talking about their dreams and future ambitions...it is the topic of many lunch conversations. It also leads to a game of 1,000,000 questions! :) 

Now...we are moving on to the important stuff. What can be better than our plans for the future?!? Our plans for the SUMMER! :)

Today, the kids began their brainstorming for Dive into Summer, and here is what they are thinking will be the highlight of their summer...

Sounds good to me! We will be finishing these up tomorrow!

If you would like to snag these activities, you can pick them up at TPT in my End of Year Writing Bundle

Not much longer now! How many more days for you?!? 


  1. I just ran all of my copies and now have everything ready to jump into this unit! So excited to end our last few weeks with these creative goodies! :)

  2. Love your future me activity!

    We still have all the way until the end of June before summer vacation!

  3. These ideas are so cute! I love your Diving into Summer activity! :) We have 12 days left!! I.CANNOT.WAIT.FOR.SUMMER!!! :)
    First Grade Funtastic

  4. I LOVE your graduates! Too stinkin' cute!

    Fun In First

  5. We are done in 4 weeks...I would love to be able to read all of these! I am most impressed with the thinking and writing skills I see in your class. I just started following you, so you may have already posted on this, but I'd like to know what writing program you have used to get them to this point. (I'm new to 2nd grade, in a combo, and have not yet found my stride in the writing department.) Any info would be so great!

  6. These are precious!! We only have 3 more days :)

  7. We are down to 9 days - Field trip today and I am EXHAUSTED! Love your ideas! Just added it to my wishlist!