18 May 2013

Five for Friday...{Just pretend}

I have been dying to link up with my sweet friend Kacey over at Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday post. Well, I have come to this realization...that is never gonna happen! :) By the time Friday night hits...this teacher is so doneeee! So...pretend today is Friday! Here is how my week went down! 


You know you are exhausted when you fall alseep in your school clothes and don't wake up until 6:30 a.m. True story. On Monday night, I told myself that I would lay down for just a second, and before I knew it, it was 6:30 the next morning. I was still asleep...fully clothed...jewelry and all! My husband even tried to wake me up and then he gave up! {Not sure if I believe that story!} :) 

...seriously though, I need summer to get here ASAP so I can be awesome every single day! Ha!

2: Summer Writing Fun

After a week of state testing, we are back to a normal routine. This week, we spent a lot of time writing our way through my End of Year Writing Bundle. The kids loved thinking about and planning their futures.

After that, we also planned our summer with our Dive into Summer Writing

Love how these turned out, but I love these sweet babies even more! Going to miss them so, SO much! {But we won't talk about that right now!}

3: Do the Harlem Shake

A few days ago, I posted about my end of the year behavior management system. If you missed that, we are using balloons! :) 

So...what was day three you ask? Make a Harlem Shake Video. The kids brought props and were counting down the seconds until go time! 

Here is our Harlem Shake...

4: Science Experiment Fun

I love living so close to a local university. They are always so wonderful about bringing experiences directly into the classroom. On Friday, our kids were instructed by the 5th and 6th graders {they were trained earlier in the week}. During this time, they completed 12 hands-on science experiments! Such a great way to give ownership to our older kids and build school community throughout our grade levels. Also a great way to keep our kiddos engaged during these last few weeks! 

5: End of year mayhem! 

Oh my...I can feel it inching closer. Today, I will be working on my classroom awards and finishing up my end of year gifts. Here is a little peek...

I will be posting more about this tomorrow! 

Be sure and link up with Doodle Bugs to show us your week! 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. How fun that your countdown included making a Harlem Shake video! I might have to borrow that idea :)

    Can't wait to read more about your end of the year gift!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  2. I LOVE your Harlem Shake video! My kids would die if we did that. =)

  3. Love your "Dive into Summer" writing. Super cute! What fun, the Harlem shake!Looks like your class had tons of fun!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  4. I usually do the balloons too! I'm loving the video... Not quite sure if I could get away with it though! Can't wait to see your cute creating for EOY!

    Surviving the Little People

  5. I purchased your end of the year writing bundle and am looking forward to using it soon! Thanks for continuing to post pics! Are those straws helping to make the scuba masks?

    Literacy Spark

  6. I LOVE the Harlem Shake idea with your class. I might have to borrow that idea. My kiddos would love it!

  7. Love your 'Dive into Summer' craft. I did a similar one for the letter b (the kids were blowing bubbles) - the contrast of the black and white photo with the coloured goggles is so effective!

    Hope the rest of your year is awesome!

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  8. Love your writing activity!! I may have to do something similar for Open House next year!! Hope the rest of your year flies!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  9. Would you mind sharing what other activities you included in your countdown balloons?? I love the idea, but my brain is starting to shut down :)))
    Thank you!!!!!

  10. Love your Harlem Shake!!! So fun!

  11. OMG the Harlem shake video is so cute! They must have had a blast!

  12. I completely understand the sleep thing! Summer is coming! I love the balloon pop idea for the last few days. I'm already thinking of ideas my kiddos would love! ~ Lisa

  13. Making a Harlem Shake video... AWESOME idea! I may use that one.... :)

    New to your blog, but love your ideas!


    Miss Woodward's Class

  14. It sounds like the really hectic spring season has left its mark, awesomeness is tiring. The Harlem shake video is a good way to get the entire class active and having fun together. It was a smart idea to take advantage of the resources and assistance of the local university.

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  15. I LOVe this and just found it on pinterest! Did you just print your pictures for dive in writing on paper? What size are they?

  16. I love ur "dive into summer" writing. Sooo fun

  17. Can you please tell me how you did your Dive into Summer idea? My classroom theme is ocean and I would like to incorporate this somehow for the beginning of the year. Thanks in advance!