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  1. Hi- I teach 2nd grade in Birmingham, AL. I downloaded your record number line 1-100 a couple of years ago. After having the number line in my new room, it didn't go as far as I had wished. Would you be willing to share the editable version of this so I can make numbers 101-120? My email is or Thank you!

  2. Hello! I recently purchased your Classroom Decor Mega Bundle: Patterns Galore White pack and I have tried downloading the word wall part of it many times (when you click the pencil) and it will not load. I have tried opening it other ways too-is there anything else I could do or could you email me that part? My email is Thanks! Love your stuff:)

  3. Hi! I sent you a message on your Facebook page, and left my email. Thanks!!!!

  4. Hi
    I just purchased your set the stage a guide to engaging students. However, do you have the templates to any of your ideas especially the riddle cards. I would love to use your ideas but I also would like the templates it would make the idea easier to introduce to my students. please contact me through teachers pay teachers

  5. Hi Hope,
    I love reading your blog, you are such an inspiration! I have begun a blog within the last year as well and I had a question about privacy settings. It seems your blog is open to all readers and search engines. Have you ever had any cause for concern? I was looking at my traffic last night and my husband (sweet protector that he is) raised an eyebrow about people viewing my blog from the Middle East and Europe. On one hand I think it's really neat, but I am still new to this sharing on the World Wide Web and wanted to ask for your perspective. Thanks so much!

  6. Hey Hope,
    Did I see Anderson University in your graduation pictures on the blog? If so, we have 2 daughters that are going there. One is a senior and the other is a freshman. We have loved Anderson and we are so thankful for the experience that they are having there. I love your blog and I am trying to start a blog myself but, I am definitely just getting started.
    Take Care,
    Martha Alfrey

  7. Hi, I just tried to locate your Trick or Treat bag book report on TpT but could not find it. Do you still have it available?

  8. Is your Give Me A... Beak unit available for purchase? If so, please email me the information at Thanks!

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  10. Hi how can I get a copy of your animal adaptation cards?
    my email is

  11. Hi I love your Chester the Pig Continents activity. Do you have this template in your store?

  12. Is your Give Me A... Beak unit available for purchase? If so, please email me the information at Thanks!

  13. Hi Hope,

    After reading through your blog posts I think you’ll be interested in our site, Ziggedy gives teachers the ability to earn funds for their own classroom through the online shopping of their classroom parents, friends, and family. Earning funds through Ziggedy takes only one click before you shop, and there is no cost to teachers or their supporters.

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    Cassidy Neilson

  14. Hi Hope,

    I really like your blog and I am wondering if you're interested in promoting a give-away for educational, modular boxes for kids and/or teachers to get clutter free :)

    You can always send me an email at

    Kind regards,

  15. Hi Hope,
    I saw this really cute reading display of yours on pinterest. It's the letters R E A D on a kind of award ribbon surrounded by colored construction paper rolled in to tubes. Where can I find the directions to that? I LOVE it!!!!


  16. Hello Hope,

    I reached out to you in May and wanted to give you an update of where Ziggedy is at now since we have made some great strides in the past few months! As a reminder, Ziggedy gives teachers the ability to earn extra funds for their own classroom through the online shopping of their supporters (classroom parents, friends, and family). Supporters earn funds for a teacher by making one click through Ziggedy to any of our thousands of partnered retailers ( before shopping as they normally would.

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    Best regards,
    Cassidy Neilson

  17. Hi Hope,

    This is Mary from DialMyCalls. We're a service teachers use to send phone calls & text messages to all the parents of their students.

    I came across your blog and wanted to reach out. I'd love to invite you to try out the system completely free and get your feedback on it.

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    Feel free to post the coupon code on your site if you want, I set it to expire at the end of this month.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, we'd love to get your feedback on it.