15 May 2016

Place Value FREEBIE!

Happy Weekend friends!  Amy and I wanted to give you a better peek into what a day in the life of The Magic of Math looks like.  You can check out my first blog post about it {HERE}. So, this blog post will take you through a day (although every single day is so different and it's full of variety!).  I'll also answer some questions at the end!

Each lesson starts with a minilesson.  Some of the minilessons have pocket chart activities, anchor charts, websites to use, or just guide you on how to approach the skill.
 We also have a word problem of the day that compliments the focus for the week.  These word problems can be glued into a spiral.  And, yes, I know there is an error on the problem.  It's been fixed already :)
 After the lesson, students will complete activities that help them become engaged and involved in their learning.  We included lots of games, math hunts, or activities like the one shown below.
For each day we also have some sort of interactive notebook entry or printable for your students to use during practice.  Many of these can be differentiated to meet the needs of your learners!

We organized all of the activities into daily lesson plans like the one shown below so that you can prep quickly and easily!
We also printed every single thing out and took pictures so that you can get a glimpse of what the day will look like.  Of course, you can always move things around or do as much or as little as you desire!
The monthly overview will  help you know what to expect each week!
You can grab all of the activities and lesson plans shown above in {THIS}Magic of Math Sample for FREE!

Before I go, I want to answer some questions that I have already been asked:
Q:  What is the timeline for completion on the other units?
A:  I promise we are working as quickly as we can, but QUALITY is so much more important to us.  We will not just be copy/pasting and changing out numbers each unit.  We will carefully navigate the standards to make sure we are hitting everything you need.  We also want to make sure that the lessons are fun, interactive, and meaningful... So, it takes time.  We will try and have the first few units done by the beginning of the new school year.  For a year overview click HERE.
Q:  Will this work for other grade levels:
A:  The Math standards are so specific and differ so much from grade level to grade level, so we are only aligning them for 2nd grade.  You are more than welcome to adjust if you'd like, but we don't want to steer you in the wrong direction by saying they are appropriate for your specific grade level!

Q:  What if my school has to follow a different scope and sequence?  
A:  This is why we are trying to work ahead of time so that you can move the units around to best fit your needs.  However, we are only human and can't make all nine units overnight.  We tried to make a sequence that we thought most 2nd grade teachers could use.

Q:  Are the units easy to prep?
A:  You will see that we print everything on colored paper, but you don't have to.  That just makes for pretty pictures, ha!  Most of the lessons and activities require very little prep.  Some may take a little more time, but nothing too intense!

Q:  Will these be available as a growing bundle?
A:  We will not bundle anything until every unit is complete.  Growing bundles make me nervous because I don't know what might happen in my personal life.  I would hate to not be able to fulfill my promises!

Q:  Will I need anything in addition to the unit?
A:  We have included pretty much everything you need.  You may need paperclips, food, or something simple for different activities, BUT most everything is included. 

I think that about does it!  I hope you have a fabulous week and that your summer break is just around the corner!!!  You can check out The Magic of Math:  Place Value {HERE}.  It's 20% off until Sunday, May 15th at midnight :)

13 May 2016

The MAGIC OF MATH is HERE! Monthly Math Units for Second Grade

Amy Lemons and I are so excited to bring you a brand new math curriculum/supplemental resources for second grade. The Magic of Math is just what it sounds like - strategies and lessons that will engage your students all while teaching them all of the necessary skills needed to master the second grade concepts and standards. For teachers...that's magic! ;) This program is completely aligned with all Common Core and TEKS standards and will work with (or in place of) any math curriculum. All of the materials are easy to print and prep to hopefully save you some important planning time! :) Check out all of the resources and materials included in this first month's collection... 
Month One: Number Sense and Place Value

Here is a quick look at all of the focus standards and concepts within the unit: 

Each unit contains daily lesson plans. Each day is broken down into a daily word problem for math warm-up or journals followed by resources for a minilesson, student activities, and practice/reinforcement activities. 

Here is a sneak peek at a few of our favorite minilessons and student activities: 

We have included everything you need to build interactive notebooks that will allow your students to strengthen their content knowledge. This is also a great reference for the future if they are struggling later on remembering a specific skill. Each resource is differentiated to meet the needs of your learners. 

When we said EVERYTHING is included...we truly mean anything and EVERYTHING that we use as teachers. We have also included vocabulary cards to display throughout the unit and/or to add to a math word wall. "I Can" statements are also included to display to show the standards and content that you will be covering with each lesson. 

And finally...no math unit would be complete without formal assessments. These will allow you to track your students progress and mastery of each set of skills. 

So go ahead and check math off your list for the first month of school! Our next unit will be out soon. You can check out our sequence of future skills as well as some book suggestions right HERE

You can also pick up the first month of math by click on the image below! 

03 May 2016

Write On! End of School Year Writing Activities

Are you nearing the end of the year, my friends?!  Amy and I have been hard at work creating fun and engaging writing activities for the end of the school year!  Your students will go on a Summer Tour and Camp Under the Stars with our two writing themes!

Students will use descriptive writing to write about their summer vacation...
 And to write their dreams for the next school year...
 Here's a little peek at what's inside of the unit:

 The activities inside are FUN!  Also, don't worry... each activity includes a blackline version or a thinking map if you aren't into making so many crafts!  We always include lots of variety so that it will work for every teacher :)

Here's a little freebie for you that goes along with our Unit 11 Write On! Theme!

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