10 October 2011

Columbus Day

Today was SO much fun. I love talking about historical figures and history {WAY more than I actually like to learn about it on my own...me + college history courses = no match made in heaven...just sayin'}.  My students get totally into it right along with me!  I hope they always love science and social studies as much as they do right now.

As my kids walked in from activity, they saw this sitting in "center stage":

A simple brown paper bag "crunched of course" to us...a complete treasure to a second grader. Their minds immediately began swirling.

We opened this little treasure map up that instructed us to watch a video about Columbus and record the facts. {I completely forgot to take pictures!!!}

After we completed our treasure map of Columbus facts, we read a few of Columbus' journal entries from a wonderful book that one of my students allowed us to borrow. The descriptive language in the entries was SUPER perfect since we have been working with descriptive writing and enhancing our vocabulary. Then the students set straight to work on a little quick write that included writing their very own entry {taking on a Columbus point of view...as we called it} that could be added to the collection. Here are a few entries from my crazy kiddos. I am LOVIN' the descriptive language.

 While they were hard at work, we created our very own treasure maps of the New World. I worked with the students in small groups {THE ONLY WAY TO PAINT} while the other students were writing. Here is a look at what we did:

Just a little painting tip that I am SO sure that you already know: When using permanent paint, add a little liquid dawn dish soap and it makes permanent paint washable! I am sure there is a much better "artistic" term that we could use to describe permanent paint...I guess I need a little "Art for Dummies" tutorial! It also makes cleanup a complete breeze!!!

Our Maps:
 Our maps were painted on brown paper bags. I cut a large square and burned the edges to give that old "vintage" feel!

Now for the final display:
The kiddos had a blast learning about Columbus. How did you celebrate today???


  1. Amazing! I wish I could fit everything in and get to Science and Social Studies every day. Love all of your ideas! : )

  2. Awesome! Can't wait for your weather unit. I just started my own blog thanks to your inspiration! Check it out at http://primarypunch.blogspot.com/! : )

  3. Those are fabulous! And I totally did NOT know about the dawn dish soap in paint...such a good tidbit for a kindergarten teacher to know!!! :) Thanks!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  4. What was the name of the Columbus book you used? And you're right, kids go crazy over treasure hunts!